#Protests2020: Is It Really About BLM?

The murder of George Floyd by police has spawned hundreds of protests around the globe. While there is no denying that the American police system needs to be reformed as it is biased against African Americans but these protests also claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement. In this blog I will show how that really is not the case.

This past weekend in Chicago over 85 people were shot with 24 of those people dying. The large majority of those being African American. But not a single major news network reported this. It was only reported by conservative news sites and the local Chicago press. Conservatives who have been accused of not being sensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement were the ones who took not of this, even Donald Trump Jr cared enough to tweet about it. It is really interesting how these protests seem to be about Black Lives Matter but at the end of the day not all black lives are news worthy.

This video above shows the abuse and assault of an African American police office by a predominantly white group of teenagers. They can be heard saying “Where’s your white cop friends to save you” and calling him several other explicit names in the process. They can also be seen trying to assault him. Do Black Police Lives Matter to? It is a valid point as a retired black police officer was killed by looters in St Louis and a black federal officer was killed in Las Vegas. It really is sad because both of these men did not make major headlines across the country as the mainstream media basically ignored their deaths.

This is video is another example of why people are questioning the motives of this protests. Here we have a white person just destroying a side walk for no apparent reason. Was it was some kind of gesture to George Floyd to destroy a sidewalk? Probably not, the more likely answer is this guy is an anarchists and is using the cover of protests to destroy the city where he lives. Luckily black people were able to hand him over to police. But this is a common theme that I have noticed throughout the protests is that the main destruction and rioting is because of white people. I mean look at this little dweeb who got caught trying to start riots in Pittsburgh. These people who are causing destruction don’t care about Black Lives Matter or George Floyd rather they are using real protests as a ploy to advance their own delusional agenda.

There is no question that there have been great peaceful protests that support the Black Lives Matter movement. But at the end of the day the argument can be made that these protests message has become hypocritical about what they do and do not support. All Black Lives Matter is important to remember not just those who died on video, remember those whose names will be forgotten. And a message to my fellow white people: Don’t hijack the peaceful protests that are going on to try and spread your stupid anarchists agenda. Don’t insult black police officers and don’t destroy black communities in the name of black lives matter.

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