Why Congress Won’t Do Anything About Gun Control

America is stuck in a tragic cycle. Mass shooting occurs, outrage ensues and people send their thoughts and prayers but in the end nothing changes. The recent school shooting in Ulvade, Texas has renewed talks about gun control. Celebrities, professional sports teams and businesses have called on Congress to act on the issue of gun control. Unfortunately Congress will most likely not act on gun control because of the Republican party.

Republicans are very ignorant on the issue of gun control similarly to how they are ignorant on other issues facing our country right now such as climate change and immigration. In the aftermath of the Ulvade shooting Republicans have said that we need better mental health programs or even arming teachers. Unfortunately, neither will help stop shootings. America is not an outlier on mental health in comparison to other Western countries. European countries are not having the issue of mass shootings that America is. A teacher’s job is to teach not to be a security guard training teachers on weapons is reckless and idiotic.

It’s obvious why Republicans don’t want to act on gun control. It’s because most Republican’s electorate want to have guns. But until the access to military grade weapons is limited mass shootings in America will continue. Republicans need to admit that their is an issue with guns in this country but unfortunately it doesn’t seem they are ready to do that.

Why Senator Joe Manchin is a Scumbag

Yesterday West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin effectively killed Biden’s Build Back Better Bill in an interview on Fox News. He was quoted saying “When you have these things coming at you the way they are right now … I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation.” Manchin is not supporting this bill to protect his constituents, he is refusing to support it because he has business interests that would be directly impacted by this bill. As a result this would make him a huge scumbag.

The Build Back Better Bill is a broad bill covers issues such as cheaper insulin and increased healthcare for new moms to providing support for America’s fight against climate change. Biden has faced an uphill battle trying to fight for BBB as a result of the Democrats close senate majority and a lack of cooperation by Republicans. Biden would all Senate Democrats to support this bill which makes Manchin’s betrayal all the more devastating.

West Virginia is an incredibly poor state with poor infrastructure. Many of the provisions and social programs in BBB would directly benefit West Virginians. However, Manchin is not voting with his constituents interests in mind. I highly doubt he has even talked to a single one of his constituents about BBB. Because if he had he would realize that West Virginians overwhelmingly support BBB , why wouldn’t they BBB is designed to directly help American families. Unfortunately Senator Manchin does not seem to realize that.

What really makes Senator Manchin a scumbag is that he directly benefits financially from the coal industry. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from investments in coal mines. BBB would address climate change in many ways which would negatively impact the pockets of Manchin and his friends.

Maybe Manchin is really just anti-drug and that’s why he doesn’t support BBB. I mean he does believe parents use child cash credit on drugs. So by denying them critical child care and other support he really just wants to protect them from overdosing on drugs which is a huge problem in West Virginia. So maybe he’s not such a scumbag after all……. Nah he is a pretty despicable person, fuck him

P.S Don’t forget ZERO Republicans supported BBB. That just goes to show that politicians today generally aren’t concerned with proper governance today, it’s all just a partisan battle that in the end no one wins.

Why Kamala Harris’s Memorial Day Tweet Wasn’t Her Fault

Memorial Day is a special holiday which serves to commemorate the sacrifices that the men and women of armed services have made throughout our country’s history. Apparently the staffer that runs Kamala Harris’s twitter does not understand that. Regardless of who actually sent the tweet or whether Kamala Harris actually had anything to do with the tweet, she is getting ragged on regardless.

“Enjoy the long weekend” and a glamour shot of Kamala Harris is all it took to send conservatives into a frenzy. Let me preface this by saying I do not like Kamala Harris, I think she’s fake and that if she had the opportunity she would push Biden down a flight of stairs. But this tweet while very insensitive and tone deaf wasn’t her fault. Kamala Harris is not like Trump. I highly doubt that she monitors or even approves of what her Twitter account sends on a daily basis. This tweet was definitely drafted by some millennial staffer who would normally spend their Memorial Day drinking all day. Conservatives on Twitter need to chill the fuck out it really wasn’t her fault.

This idea that Trump has this unadoring love for the military needs to stop. While I’m sure Trump has some respect for the military, its been proven that he has disrespected the military in the past. So conservatives need to calm down and realize that all politicians are fake and almost all of them don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. When it comes to Memorial Day almost everyone myself included is a hypocrite. 99% of America spends Memorial Day grilling or drinking all day, rather than properly respecting the sacrifices our armed forces have made. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

Biden Aide Threatens Journalist in Misogynistic Rant

If you thought Trump aides were bad get a load of this guy. Biden aide TJ Ducklo threatened Politico journalist Tara Palmeri who was covering his relationship with another journalist. In conversation with the reporter Tara Palmieri he threatened to “destroy her” and then proceeded to degrade her by saying another man “wanted to f—” McCammond” instead of her. If that is not misogynistic I don’t know what is. The unfortunate thing is that the Biden administration hasn’t done anything about it. He was only suspended for a week without pay. Come on seriously, he get’s a week off work for threatening a reporter? That is a slap on the wrist for him and a slap in the face to Tara Palmeri.

Joe Biden when he began his presidency said ” If you’re ever working with me and I hear you treat another colleague with disrespect or talk down to someone, I promise you, I will fire you on the spot — on the spot.” What happened? Does that not apply to this situation? The message is now clear for the rest of Biden’s staff, if you disrespect people and are caught we will suspend you for a week. I’m sorry but that is bullshit.

I am vehemently against cancel culture, so this situation puts me into a tough situation. Part of me feels that he should be fired for being misogynistic, but than part of me has empathy for him. If I had a private relationship and a reporter was trying to nosy their way into it I would probably be upset too. However, there is no excuse for misogynistic comments ever. I say there is a 50/50 chance this guy gets fired. Even though he is currently suspended for a week I wouldn’t be shocked if they just let him go all together as it’s a bad look for the Biden administration. Time will tell.

Andrew Cuomo Belongs in Prison After Hiding COVID Data

Andrew Cuomo has been the pillar of good leadership during this pandemic. Initially where Trump seemed to fail Cuomo didn’t. He appeared as a compassionate public figure who was doing his best during a trying time in this nation’s history. Unfortunately that was all a big ruse. Cuomo does not care about anyone other than himself. If you didn’t think it was bad enough when he put COVID patients into nursing homes, when Trump tried to investigate him they purposely hid the data. They sent about 9,000 COVID patients into nursing homes. 15,000 people died of COVID in nursing homes in New York. Almost double what was initially reported by his administration. How Cuomo is able to sleep at night is beyond me. Clearly this man has no conscious and needs to be removed from office immediately.

I guarantee you Cuomo was trying to leverage his “leadership” from COVID into a presidential run in 2024. Hell, he already used his “leadership” to get a book deal. What is most disgusting about this is that we forget that THOUSANDS of people died as a direct result of his leadership. Who has killed more people Charles Manson or Andrew Cuomo? Let that sink in for a second. Luckily now it appears a presidential run is out of the question in 2024.

I blame CNN for the misconception that Cuomo did a good job during COVID. If Ron DeSantis did this in Florida I guarantee this would be front page news on CNN. Instead they only wrote one shitty article with a misleading headline. The reason for that being Cuomo’s brother Fredo Cuomo is changing the narrative behind the scenes at CNN to ensure his brother does not get any negative coverage. The Cuomo family needs to go away. Hopefully the revelation of Cuomo being a corrupt asshole can accelerate that process.

David Hogg Created a Pillow Company Proving 2021 is a Simulation

So David Hogg, the anti-gun activist is creating a pillow company called Good Pillow. No this apparently is not a joke. The idea behind this company is to serve as a competitor to the controversial company My Pillow, while donating a part of their profits to charities and social justice causes. Would this idea really work? I’m skeptical and here’s why.

First off, I owned a My Pillow. Let me tell you know they suck. It was by far the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever owned. I only made it a month before I threw it out. If My Pillow was had the biggest market share in the pillow market it would make sense to try and steal their market share. However, My Pillow is not even in the top 10 of pillow brands. As a result I can’t seem to grasp the idea that there is a huge demand for pillows. I don’t know about you but I have four pillows on my bed and I don’t feel the need for anymore. If Good Pillow was founded purely to get back at My Pillow, in my opinion that is short sighted. My Pillow does not have the dominate market share that David Hogg and his business partner think they do. In Fairness, this company is still in its infancy so it is way too early to judge.

There is one red flag with this company and that is its CEO. Before you think it, no not David Hogg (While I do find him insufferable). The CEO of Good Pillow is William LeGate, at least that’s what I gathered from his twitter handle. This guy creeps me the fuck out. I don’t have a particular reason, he creeps me out similar to how Kamala Harris creeps me out. He just gives me bad vibes. This guy gives me major Billy McFarland/Lucas Magnotta vibes. His moral character is questionable as he actively attacked another Parkland survivor on twitter who criticized his company. This guy just screams used car salesman. I encourage you to check out his twitter. When isn’t trying to sell his pillow, he was trying to push GameStop which is all you need to know about him. But for real, if he still believes that GameStop is as valuable as Tesla I wouldn’t trust his business sense. He has great salami nips though.

This is such an asshole thing to say.
This doesn’t seem fake at all
No one is saying this, literally no one

While I am skeptical I do wish Good Pillow nothing but the best. I hope there company succeeds and are at least more comfortable than My Pillow. I will remain skeptical until they prove me wrong. They do need to work on their twitter game as their account is one of the creepiest around. Get a good night sleep :).

The Reddit Stock Boom is Incredibly Dangerous

I wrote about how the GameStop stock boom a few days ago and you can read that here. Disclaimer: this is not financial advice, I bought AMC stock and sold it for a small profit.

As of this week it appears that the reddit stock boom is over. As I am writing this GameStop is currently at about $71. It’s down about 82% this week and it continues to drop even further. In case you haven’t heard the Reddit stock boom is referring to the Reddit forum r/wallstreetbets, which was responsible for the boom of several stocks including GamesStop and AMC. If you go onto r/wallstreetbets you will see some very frightening things. First off you will see people who clearly have no investment experience talking about how they bought hundreds of shares of GameStop at $300 a share. This is the problem with the Reddit boom, you have people who have never invested before now investing. Which on paper is a great thing, but the issue arises when they do not make smart investment decisions and then they lose all their money. GameStop is not a valuable company and in no world is it worth $100 a share, let alone $400 a share like some people seem to believe. The amount of people saying that they took out loans or invested their life savings in GameStop is incredibly sad because now most of their money is gone.

It’s not the media’s fault, you are just a bad investor
Buddy only if you knew
This is so sad. All of this for a meme.

Wallstreetbets has seen an incredible rise in membership this past week with them getting a little over 5 million new members. With millions of new people joining many of them have turned into sheep and blindly invested their money into GameStop. People saw others making money through GameStop and they got FOMO. They invested their money at a crazy value that wasn’t sustainable and now they are shit out of luck as the price continues to drop. While I do believe Robinhood and the other brokerages are partly to blame for this, it is still irresponsible investing.

The weird thing is that the Reddit boom has somehow turned into a “fuck Wall Street” movement. People have been buying and holding this stock as a way to get back at the “man.” The thing is that this really isn’t a movement. There are people who made a lot of money off of this and they took their money and got out. A lot of people that post onto that forum are trying to stick it to Wall Street, but they fail to realize that the people who work at Wall Street generally are not fucking idiots. While r/wallstreetbets definitely did initially fuck over several hedge funds, that is over. The Hedge Funds have covered their positions to try and minimize their losses. What these people fail to realize is by buying more GameStop you aren’t actually hurting the hedge funds, you are only hurting yourself. Losing all your money isn’t cool nor does it make you morally superior.


If you are reading this and you invested in GameStop and the other Reddit stocks I wish you nothing but the best. I don’t want anyone to lose money ever. However, This point in history should serve as an example of how not to act. Don’t be a sheep, don’t be a follower. Investing your money is serious business, you can get rich or you can become poor. Wall Street is not a casino, despite what some people want to believe. Take care of your money, stay safe.

The GameStop Stock Boom is Over

Disclaimer: I bought and sold AMC stock on Monday. I am not a financial adviser.

The past week the Stock Market has been going crazy as a result of the price boom of several stocks specifically GameStop and AMC Entertainment. The reddit page r/wallstreetbets has fueled the boom of these companies. However, as the results of this week have shown so far that the boom appears to be over. I personally blame Robinhood for this and you can read about what I wrote about Robinhood here and here. Robinhood and other brokerage firms by limiting the amount people could buy of GameStop and AMC have caused the price to tank because people could not buy anymore of the stock. We will never truly know the demand of those stocks because of Robinhood. This boom is over.

If you look onto the reddit page r/wallstreetbets you will see people saying “Hold the line” and “buy the dip.” This kind of rhetoric is insanely irresponsible as GameStop and AMC are not valuable companies. GameStop is a dying business and will go the way of the Blockbuster within the next few years. While I love going to the movies as much as the next guy, AMC is not a valuable company in a pandemic with hundreds of their theaters closed. These companies stock prices won’t go back up to their peaks from last week ever again. So it is irresponsible of all these idiots who think they are sticking it to the man to double down and continue to lose money. Currently on r/wallstreetbets you will see dozens of posts of people losing money on GameStop and AMC. Losing your money isn’t funny or cool. This boom was fun while it lasted, but its now over, sell your stock and invest in other ideas. Be smart and good luck.

Don’t listen to Mark Cuban he is a billionaire who can afford to lose money

Maybe It’s Time to Defund The Police

The police have done it again, in Rochester, NY a 9 year old girl was pepper sprayed by police. What the fuck is wrong with some people. If you as a police officer can’t handle a 9 year old girl and detain her without any harm coming to her then you suck as a police officer. A 9 year old weighs a maximum of like 100 pounds, if you can’t pick them up and place them into your car than you are too weak to be a police officer. The sad thing is this isn’t the first time police officers have done something like this before. It seems to happen far too often that children are arrested by the police too harshly. In this situation specifically there is absolutely no excuse for the officers actions.

I don’t know how anyone could ever justify pepper spraying a 9 year old girl. However, the Rochester Police Union disagrees as the President of the Union said this “There was a decision when they couldn’t get her into the car despite everything they were trying. There was a short blast of capsicum. It worked. It calmed her down. It got her in.” Police unions really are huge scumbags. They spend so much time and resources defending asshole police officers who don’t deserve their job, than they do protecting good police officers. Police unions need to be reformed, along with teacher unions (but that is for another blog).

It is clear this girl had some sort of mental issue. The police were responding in the first place because she was apparently suicidal. So there obviously is something wrong with this girl that the police are not fit to address. I don’t think police officers are trained properly to deal with mentally ill people, so their interactions with mentally ill people should be limited. I wonder how the presence of a social worker would have changed the outcome of this situation.

I would consider myself to be a pro law enforcement person. However, especially after the events of this summer it is important to realize that law enforcement and the way they do things needs to change. Law enforcement needs to adapt its tactics and policies in order to make their communities safer.

Why Robinhood Should Be Shutdown Immediately

I wrote about Robinhood earlier today you can see that here.

What Robinhood is doing right now is illegal. Not only are they actively manipulating the market, now they are selling their customer’s shares of GameStop without their permission. It has been established that Robinhood has done this at the order of the Hedge Funds that own it. Robinhood does not care about their costumers they just want to protect the 1% over the 99%. As a investor who has used Robinhood for 3+ years I am disgusted that I ever trusted them with my money. There is no one on earth who can defend what Robinhood has done today. I know that other firms are doing the same thing, but Robinhood has made it a part of their brand to “Democratize finance for all.” Bullshit, its ok to democratize finance when regular people are losing money, but as soon as the 1% loses money its not ok.

Robinhood has been silent all day. It’s been impossible to get ahold of their customer support and their twitter account hasn’t tweeted since this morning. That’s how you know they’ve done something wrong. They’re hiding, they hope that we will forget about this. Never forget, we cannot stop until Robinhood is shutdown and their executives are in prison.