Robinhood is Manipulating the Stock Market to Make YOU LOSE MONEY

Disclaimer, this is not financial advice in any way.

Robinhood a company that claims to “Democratize finance for all” is now limiting the ability of the little man to make money in the name of protecting a few billionaires. Robinhood has banned the trading of GameStop and AMC and few other stocks that were being pushed heavily on the reddit forum wallstreetbets. Robinhood is only doing this because they are owned by a hedge fund which owns a hedge fund who is currently shorting GameStop. Not only is this extremely unethical, it should be considered illegal and I would encourage you to delete your Robinhood account as soon as possible like I have.

How is this not market manipulation? I would love for someone to explain to me how this is not illegal. The stock market literally is manipulation, countless hedge funds and billionaires use it to their advantage everyday. Yet when the average joe decides to buy stock because a reddit forum said so that’s manipulation? This whole thing started because hedge funds were short selling these stocks, which is also market manipulation by the way. The stock market is no longer a free market, it is only free for the billionaires and all the hedge funds. That’s what’s really disgusting about this, millions of Americans lost all their money in 2008, yet no one from wall street was ever punished. Wall Street’s sole purpose is to make the rich richer. That’s why they are terrified with the notion of a regular person making money through the stock market. Any form of dissent will not be tolerated, they want us to stay poor so they can stay rich.

As I am currently writing this AMC is now down to $7 a share after previously being up as high as $19 yesterday. Absolutely disgusting. This is all because they won’t let people buy the stock. The free market is no longer free. I have one final message, if you work for Robinhood, you can go fuck yourself.

The NFL Needs to Stop Abusing Its Cheerleaders

There is a great piece that from the Daily Beast which goes extensively into the problems that NFL cheerleaders face on the daily, you can find it here. The article was really well written and I was surprised that it didn’t get the coverage it deserved.

The issues and abuses NFL cheerleaders have faced is nothing new. The issues that they have faced has been covered numerous times before, but yet nothing has changed. Becoming an NFL cheerleader is difficult and those who are to become one are some of the best dancers in the world. Despite this talent and expertise NFL cheerleaders are paid as low as $2.50 an hour, with some making only $1,000 for the whole season. This is beside the fact the cheerleaders often need to pay for their own uniforms and subjected to ridiculous fines and fees. The teams and the league make billions of dollars a year yet they cannot afford to pay their cheerleaders decent and fair wage, or at least pay for their uniforms? At this point NFL cheerleaders are practically living as real life slaves.

For a league that says it cares about women and wants to include women more in the game. Whether it be as a coach or in a league executive role or even a women’s summit, the NFL wants to appear that it values women. However, just by looking at the way the NFL treats its cheerleaders is disgusting. Commissioner Roger Goodell the scumbag that he is claims that it is the teams responsibility to ensure that their employees are paid a fair wage. But to that I say bullshit, the NFL micromanages every aspect of the league from its player’s cleat color to who can attend press conferences. So at fair pay for women the NFL draws the line to not get involved? Roger Goodell time and time again proves that he is the worst human being alive, he hates women fuck him. Hopefully NFL cheerleaders can eventually get the compensation that they deserve. #cheerleaderlivesmatter.

Why the NWHL is Stupid to Reject Barstool Sports

Last night I saw that the National Women’s Hockey League the preeminent women’s professional hockey league got in a feud with Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini. Basically it started with a tweet Nardini sent in which she was puzzled as to why the NWHL would not want to associate with Barstool Sports and I have to say that I agree with her. It does make sense from a pure business perspective to ignore the brand power Barstool Sports has.

NWHL is a growing brand in sports. They have about 55,000 followers on twitter, with the individual teams having about 10-20,000 followers each. They streamed some of their games on twitch and got about 60,000 viewers a game. Now they have a new deal with NBC Sports to broadcast games, so things seem to be looking on the up and up for the league. With any growing brand you would want to associate itself with bigger brand such as Barstool to increase viewership right? With millions of followers who love sports Barstool would seem to be the perfect partner for a growing sports league. However, the NWHL and its players would seem to disagree.

Women’s professional hockey is almost a representation women’s professional sports as a whole. The women are world class athletes for their sport, yet they basically are semi-professional athletes because of poor conditions and the fact that they make far less than their male counterparts and have much crappier conditions whether it be accommodations or training grounds. Women’s hockey has also seen its fair share of other leagues fail such as the CWHL. So it really baffles me that the NWHL would not want to associate itself with a brand such as Barstool to gain more viewers to increase revenue and brand exposure. From the players perspective they only make about 15k a year, so I assume that all the players have to get second jobs. So its surprising that they would deny the opportunity to gain revenue for the league which would increase their potential salary.

The main criticism of Barstool that I have seen is that they are racist. I have been following barstool for about 4 years I really have never seen any racist content from them. It’s that the NWHL has a problem with Barstool Sports but not Amazon. They stream on Twitch which is owned by Amazon, so I guess they don’t mind the numerous workers rights violations Amazon commits every day. That is the thing about Twitter activism everyone at the end of the day is a hypocrite. NWHL right now seems more concerned about getting retweets on twitter than growing its business which is fine by me because I don’t watch hockey.

Why the Impeachment of Trump is a Waste of Time

I do not understand the Democrats current mindset. 2020 has been a roaring success for them, they took control of Congress, they have the presidency and the Republican Party is in shambles. Trump is no longer in a position of power, yet they still want to waste time, money and resources on an impeachment to make him look stupid. I am no Trump supporter but this impeachment is a total waste of time.

Trump will not run for office ever again, he is 74 years old and in 2024 he will be 78. Despite what he may claim there is no way he will be fit enough to serve in office if he is even alive then. The man had a Diet Coke button in the Oval Office, no matter what he says he definitely is not very healthy. I could see this impeachment going on for years, there is a good chance the Democrats could be impeaching a corpse.

Wasting more government resources

The common argument I have heard for the impeachment is the “precedent” it would set. I understand the point they are making in theory. Trump was responsible for the riots at the capital, but legally it will be hard to prove that. This idea of a “precedent” that is being set is bullshit. When asked why the Democrats would bother impeaching Trump Bernie Sanders said this “Precedent. It must be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the U.S. government.” The “precedent” has never really been enforced before with any politician whether it be Richard Nixon or Hillary Clinton. So now during a pandemic in which millions of people are unemployed or in poverty you want to enforce this “precedent.” It’s a waste of time, pass a COVID relief bill, help small businesses, anything besides this giant waste of time. The whole point of this impeachment is to embarrass Trump even more than he has embarrassed himself during his presidency, maybe the Democrats should focus on the needs of the people instead of this bullshit impeachment.

When has there ever been accountability in the government?

My Prediction For Joe Biden’s Presidency

With the Joe Biden’s inauguration only a few days away it is time to move on from focusing on Trump’s presidency and onto Biden’s. Before I get into my prediction I will put a disclaimer saying that I voted for Joe Biden so take that as you will.

Joe Biden is a pretty forgettable person. He is your basic boring old white man and there was a reason when he was Vice President that no one knew him. If Trump wasn’t such a fucking idiot then Biden’s inauguration wouldn’t really be considered that important of an event or getting the extensive media coverage that it is. Biden won’t really do anything remarkable or notable during his presidency. But to be honest that is exactly what America needs right now and that is why I voted for him.

Biden is an 80 year old man who is starting to show signs of dementia. There is no way he will last all 4 years of his presidency. Look at what the 8 years of the presidency did to Obama when he was in his prime. Kamala Harris will become the first woman President. Biden will either resign or he will die of old age in the Oval Office and Kamala will ascend to the presidency. Biden will resign after about 2 years and Kamala will then serve about 12-18 months and will then have to compete against whoever the Republicans can muster up to run in 2024. This scenario is straight outta VEEP on HBO, which if you haven’t seen by the way it is a must watch. Hopefully Biden/Kamala’s 4 years is uneventful. 2021 is already off to a bad start, 2022 can’t be any worse right?

This will be Kamala in 2 years

Eagles Fire Doug Pederson. Howie Roseman Needs to Be Next

In a move that certainty surprised me the Philadelphia Eagles have fired head coach Doug Pederson. While Doug is not blameless in the Eagles horrendous season the Eagles did not have the talent to succeed and the person to blame for that is Howie Roseman.

There were a few times during this season where the Eagles defense would play well only for the offense to not to be able to generate any points. A main reason for this being that for the past 2 seasons the Eagles have lacked wide receivers who could be a difference makers. Coincidently in the past two seasons the Eagles could have drafted pro bowl caliber receivers in DK Metcalf in 2019 and Justin Jefferson in 2020. The Eagles instead went with JJ Arceaga-Whiteside in 2019 who had 4 catches this season compared to DK Metcalf’s 83, and Jalen Reagor who had 31 catches this season compared to Justin Jefferson’s 88. Both of these moves set the Eagles back offensively as Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts did not have the weapons to succeed. Howie is bad at drafting, in fact he ranks as one of the worst drafters in the NFL. He is only better than NY Jets which should just show how shitty he is. Which brings me to my next point.

In 2019 the Eagles resigned Carson Wentz to a 100+ million dollar contract. The very next season after Carson led the Eagles to the playoffs the Eagles in the second round drafted Jalen Hurts. Now people will say “Hey Jalen Hurts looks really good” and while yes he does look pretty good. Why would you draft a quarterback when you have already made a sizeable investment in a quarterback, especially when you have other glaring needs that should be addressed? It seems that in the organization there is a lack of a long term plan for future success.

Howie Roseman is responsible for the roster of the team and the Eagles roster was horrendous this season. Doug Pederson can only do so much with a shitty roster. It seems that the Eagles are starting to move from super bowl team with very few players from that roster still on the team. The Eagles need to rebuild for the future, a future that Howie Roseman should not be a part of. Comment down below who will be the next coach of the Eagles because I have no fucking clue.

The Steelers Need to Suspend Juju Smith-Schuster the Rest of The Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the most overrated team in the NFL. They have lost 3 straight and now sit at 11-3. However, they have had one of the easiest schedules in the NFL with a strength of schedule of -1.72. Their worst loss out of the last three was last night, they lost to the 2 win Cincinnati Bengals 27-17. While the team played shitty in general I put the loss on one person specifically and that is Juju Smith-Schuster. Here is why.

I don’t know what Juju was thinking, your about to play on Monday Night Football it’s a big game with you fighting to try and get a first round bye in the postseason and what do you do. You post a TikTok hours before the game with you dancing on your opponents logo. When I see this video I see a player who is not focused on football.

Rather than warming up or getting yourself mentally ready for the game he is trying to amaze 12 year olds on TikTok with his dancing skills. Focus on the game bro there is no way your opponents didn’t see you dancing on their logo and this definitely fired them up. In fact Vonn Bell the man who lit him up even said it fired them up. Here’s the thing about trash talk you have to be able to back it up. If he went out and had 100+ yards and touchdown in this game I could understand his little dance, but he sucked. He only had 3 catches for 15 yards and a fumble that’s fucking trash.

The Steelers should suspend Juju for the rest of the regular season. He is not focused on football and hopefully a suspension should get across to him that he needs to do so. The man cares more about Instagram live and TikTok than catching passes. He needs to get his mind back onto football and the Steelers need to focus if they want to win the Super Bowl.

Scalpers Really Are the Scum of the Earth

The holiday season has been upon us for a few weeks now. Parents are rushing to get their children the gifts they desire in order to bring them happiness. However, because of the pandemic it has been difficult for stores to keep in popular items in stock. The hot item this year is the Playstation 5. But scalpers have made it incredibly difficult and expensive for people to get their hands on a PS5. In fact there are more PS5s in the hands of scalpers than actual consumers. Scalping is not a new issue, however because of the pandemic the issue of scalping is becoming exacerbated.

Dwight Schrute OG scalper

Listen, I have no problem with reselling items to make a profit. That is a part of our capitalist society. However I do have a problem with the blatant price gouging that is happening with items such as the PS5. When the pandemic began there was an initial issue with PPE and other medical supplies as fucking lowlifes like this who bought out supply of hand sanitizer zswand tried to charge upwards of 700% markup. While this is not technically scalping it still shows a blatant disregard of other humans and an incredible amount of greed. These people are such scum that they really tried to exploit a pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. It is such a sad existence to have your life dominated by greed like that.

If I was one of these people who literally have thousands of PS5s and who is ruining perhaps thousands of families Christmases, I would really revaluate my life decisions. Greed is not good, greed is in fact bad. Please Don’t support these losers and buy from them. They are only enabled because people purchase the crap that they sell. Don’t worry this blog was in no way written because I am salty that I cannot buy a PS5 :).

Daily Gambling Picks 12/15

If you want to see yesterdays picks click here. It’s a small card tonight with just college basketball on the docket today. It’s a nice slate so let’s make some money!!!

College Basketball

Florida Atlantic vs Stetson 7 PM ESPN+

Florida Atlantic -5

Stetson is BAD, currently sitting without which includes a loss to a division 2 team. They have a offensive rating of 79.4 and a defensive rating of 108.5. For those who are not familiar with basketball stats those numbers are TERRIBLE. Florida Atlantic isn’t a special team but they can score the ball as they are averaging 81.2 PPG. Despite being the away team I see Florida Atlantic taking the lead early and never letting up.

SC State vs Liberty 7PM ESPN+

Liberty -26

-26 is a big spread. It can be quite difficult for really good teams to cover a spread this big. Liberty is a good team, they have beaten two SEC opponents in South Carolina and Mississippi St, while playing competitively in games against Purdue and TCU. SC State is not good. They are 0-7, 6 of those losses have by 20 points or more. It’s easy math Liberty=good, SC State=bad, and with the bonus factor of liberty being home it’s gonna be an easy blowout win for Liberty.

Good luck everyone!! All my picks are free unlike this fucking asshole.

Daily Gambling Picks 12/14

Welcome to a new series in which I will give daily gambling picks for FREE! It’s a pretty boring Monday, with only a small college basketball slate and Monday Night Football. NBA preseason is too crazy with too many variables and random players playing that it’s not a smart bet. LETS MAKE SOME MONEY!!!!

College Basketball

Eastern Kentucky vs Morehead State. 6 PM ESPN+

Eastern Kentucky -6

If Eastern Kentucky was home for this game they would be favored by double-digits guaranteed. Eastern Kentucky is a hidden gem in the Ohio Valley Conference this year, sitting at 5-1 with their only loss coming against Xavier in overtime. They are dominant on the defensive end with a 88.8 DTG which will shutdown Morehead State’s lackluster offense and will win by double digits guaranteed.

Pepperdine vs UNLV 9:30 PM

Pepperdine -3

It’s been a rough start of the season for UNLV. UNLV has won 1 game against Kansas State who lost to a D2 team. Pepperdine has a great offense with a 108.3 OTG which will be able to score at will against a UNLV defense with a 110.5 DTG. This will be a high scroing game which benefits Pepperdine’s style of play, look for Pepperdine to win by double-digits.

NFL Player Props

Marquise Brown Over 43.5 receiving yards.

The thing I love about Marquise Brown is that because he is a deep threat receiver he can easily get 50+ yards on one catch. Similar to Tyreek Hill, Brown is always a threat for a deep play, and I think he will be able to get behind the Browns secondary a few times tonight.