Eagles Fire Doug Pederson. Howie Roseman Needs to Be Next

In a move that certainty surprised me the Philadelphia Eagles have fired head coach Doug Pederson. While Doug is not blameless in the Eagles horrendous season the Eagles did not have the talent to succeed and the person to blame for that is Howie Roseman.

There were a few times during this season where the Eagles defense would play well only for the offense to not to be able to generate any points. A main reason for this being that for the past 2 seasons the Eagles have lacked wide receivers who could be a difference makers. Coincidently in the past two seasons the Eagles could have drafted pro bowl caliber receivers in DK Metcalf in 2019 and Justin Jefferson in 2020. The Eagles instead went with JJ Arceaga-Whiteside in 2019 who had 4 catches this season compared to DK Metcalf’s 83, and Jalen Reagor who had 31 catches this season compared to Justin Jefferson’s 88. Both of these moves set the Eagles back offensively as Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts did not have the weapons to succeed. Howie is bad at drafting, in fact he ranks as one of the worst drafters in the NFL. He is only better than NY Jets which should just show how shitty he is. Which brings me to my next point.

In 2019 the Eagles resigned Carson Wentz to a 100+ million dollar contract. The very next season after Carson led the Eagles to the playoffs the Eagles in the second round drafted Jalen Hurts. Now people will say “Hey Jalen Hurts looks really good” and while yes he does look pretty good. Why would you draft a quarterback when you have already made a sizeable investment in a quarterback, especially when you have other glaring needs that should be addressed? It seems that in the organization there is a lack of a long term plan for future success.

Howie Roseman is responsible for the roster of the team and the Eagles roster was horrendous this season. Doug Pederson can only do so much with a shitty roster. It seems that the Eagles are starting to move from super bowl team with very few players from that roster still on the team. The Eagles need to rebuild for the future, a future that Howie Roseman should not be a part of. Comment down below who will be the next coach of the Eagles because I have no fucking clue.

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