The NFL Needs to Stop Abusing Its Cheerleaders

There is a great piece that from the Daily Beast which goes extensively into the problems that NFL cheerleaders face on the daily, you can find it here. The article was really well written and I was surprised that it didn’t get the coverage it deserved.

The issues and abuses NFL cheerleaders have faced is nothing new. The issues that they have faced has been covered numerous times before, but yet nothing has changed. Becoming an NFL cheerleader is difficult and those who are to become one are some of the best dancers in the world. Despite this talent and expertise NFL cheerleaders are paid as low as $2.50 an hour, with some making only $1,000 for the whole season. This is beside the fact the cheerleaders often need to pay for their own uniforms and subjected to ridiculous fines and fees. The teams and the league make billions of dollars a year yet they cannot afford to pay their cheerleaders decent and fair wage, or at least pay for their uniforms? At this point NFL cheerleaders are practically living as real life slaves.

For a league that says it cares about women and wants to include women more in the game. Whether it be as a coach or in a league executive role or even a women’s summit, the NFL wants to appear that it values women. However, just by looking at the way the NFL treats its cheerleaders is disgusting. Commissioner Roger Goodell the scumbag that he is claims that it is the teams responsibility to ensure that their employees are paid a fair wage. But to that I say bullshit, the NFL micromanages every aspect of the league from its player’s cleat color to who can attend press conferences. So at fair pay for women the NFL draws the line to not get involved? Roger Goodell time and time again proves that he is the worst human being alive, he hates women fuck him. Hopefully NFL cheerleaders can eventually get the compensation that they deserve. #cheerleaderlivesmatter.

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