Robinhood is Manipulating the Stock Market to Make YOU LOSE MONEY

Disclaimer, this is not financial advice in any way.

Robinhood a company that claims to “Democratize finance for all” is now limiting the ability of the little man to make money in the name of protecting a few billionaires. Robinhood has banned the trading of GameStop and AMC and few other stocks that were being pushed heavily on the reddit forum wallstreetbets. Robinhood is only doing this because they are owned by a hedge fund which owns a hedge fund who is currently shorting GameStop. Not only is this extremely unethical, it should be considered illegal and I would encourage you to delete your Robinhood account as soon as possible like I have.

How is this not market manipulation? I would love for someone to explain to me how this is not illegal. The stock market literally is manipulation, countless hedge funds and billionaires use it to their advantage everyday. Yet when the average joe decides to buy stock because a reddit forum said so that’s manipulation? This whole thing started because hedge funds were short selling these stocks, which is also market manipulation by the way. The stock market is no longer a free market, it is only free for the billionaires and all the hedge funds. That’s what’s really disgusting about this, millions of Americans lost all their money in 2008, yet no one from wall street was ever punished. Wall Street’s sole purpose is to make the rich richer. That’s why they are terrified with the notion of a regular person making money through the stock market. Any form of dissent will not be tolerated, they want us to stay poor so they can stay rich.

As I am currently writing this AMC is now down to $7 a share after previously being up as high as $19 yesterday. Absolutely disgusting. This is all because they won’t let people buy the stock. The free market is no longer free. I have one final message, if you work for Robinhood, you can go fuck yourself.

One thought on “Robinhood is Manipulating the Stock Market to Make YOU LOSE MONEY

  1. GameStop Shorting
    I’ve heard multiple theories of who and/or what are behind the GameStop Shorting (as well as the other stock shorts).
    1. It is the “little guy” figuring out how to hurt the Hedge Funds. (ToreSays, DS Inc., 1/28/21)
    2. It is the CCP destroying the financial markets. (Jeffery Prather, 1/27/21 Econo-Info Swarm)
    3. It is the Leftists in America (Democrats, GOPe, Deep State, et al) doing a “False Flag” to give them the excuse to restrict individual freedom in the financial markets. (Not sure who I heard this from. Maybe I spotted an article with this theory.)
    These are very oversimplified statements and you need to listen to the episode referenced for more details. I would suggest going back a day or two and to listen for the next couple of days to see if any of these sources adds new information, intelligence, evidence and analysis of the shortings.
    A few months ago, I started expressing this personal assumption:
    After seeing the utter corruption of governments and media, I now start with the assumption that whatever the “conspiracy theory” put forth, I believe it. If you think it is wrong, it is YOUR responsibility to provide incontrovertible proof that it is wrong.
    Time will tell, maybe, which theories are true and which are false.


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