Why Robinhood Should Be Shutdown Immediately

I wrote about Robinhood earlier today you can see that here.

What Robinhood is doing right now is illegal. Not only are they actively manipulating the market, now they are selling their customer’s shares of GameStop without their permission. It has been established that Robinhood has done this at the order of the Hedge Funds that own it. Robinhood does not care about their costumers they just want to protect the 1% over the 99%. As a investor who has used Robinhood for 3+ years I am disgusted that I ever trusted them with my money. There is no one on earth who can defend what Robinhood has done today. I know that other firms are doing the same thing, but Robinhood has made it a part of their brand to “Democratize finance for all.” Bullshit, its ok to democratize finance when regular people are losing money, but as soon as the 1% loses money its not ok.

Robinhood has been silent all day. It’s been impossible to get ahold of their customer support and their twitter account hasn’t tweeted since this morning. That’s how you know they’ve done something wrong. They’re hiding, they hope that we will forget about this. Never forget, we cannot stop until Robinhood is shutdown and their executives are in prison.

One thought on “Why Robinhood Should Be Shutdown Immediately

  1. I don’t think this is all Robinhood. There are many other players involved including Reddit, TenCent (CCP), and the federal bureaucracy (SEC, etc.)

    I posted a longer comment on the earlier post linked above.


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