The Future of Policing in America

The death of George Floyd has left Americans stunned and confused. Since his death countless police departments across the country have changed police policies and tactics, and several cities have gone so far as to say they will defund their police departments. The way we look at the police and how the police does their job will never be the same.

There is no question that George Floyd was murdered, that is pretty clear and obvious. That should have never have happened and is a clear example of police brutality. Not all cases are like such as in the case of Rayshard Brooks in which picture is far less clear. If that same situation happened a few months ago it probably wouldn’t have garnered any press or attention. Not only did Brooks give any officer a concussion he also tried to taze another officer. If that doesn’t meet the criteria of force then I don’t know what will. Officers need to feel protected in order to do their jobs effectively and if they don’t feel protected and safe, then we will mass resignations and retirements of officers, which might happen in DC. This clip from the HBO show Watchman is a pretty realistic idea of what policing may become in the future. Officers having to ask permission from a superior to use their weapon, maybe? Spoiler alert the officer featured in this clip gets shot.

Hindsight is 20/20. It is easy for us to judge someone from their mistakes after the fact. As civilians it is easy to judge and reprimand the officers involved in the Rayshard Brooks case. But we are not the ones putting our lives on the line. I love all these celebrities who criticize these cops yet have private security details which handle all their dirty work for them. How many bodyguards do you think Kim Kardashian has or Justin Timberlake? They will never be put into a situation similar to that of those officers involved in that case. Celebrities live a fragile existence. They are often not familiar with the dangers everyday people face so they stay in their lane. Rayshard Brooks death was sad and tragic. But if we start punishing officers for the force they use when they are in danger then the future of law enforcement looks bleak.

What is happening now in the mainstream media is that police are becoming villianised for the actions of a few officers. As a result law enforcement officers are no longer respected in their communities. So the real question is why would someone want to become a cop? With the defunding the police movement in full swing officers are probably gonna get paid less with fewer benefits. Less hiring will mean that they would have to work more, and if they can’t defend themselves when they are in danger why join? Police departments will have a much harder time recruiting officers and because of that they will be forced to accept the bottom of the barrel recruits. These are people who normally couldn’t become cops but now will because police departments are so desperate for recruits. And these scrub recruits are the dangerous ones because they are not qualified or able to complete the job as a police officer. So the cycle of bad police officers continues.

Violence is already up in New York City after they disbanded their plainclothes unit. Minneapolis which is actively trying to abolish their police department just had a shooting in which 11 people got shot. The Seattle Autonomous Zone which has 0 police presence had a shooting in which 2 people got shot with 1 getting killed. Cops in Atlanta are refusing to go into work. In an atmosphere in which there is no police naturally crime will flourish. The way we police in America needs to change, there is no denying that. But if we let our emotions get the best of us and we act before we think then we are looking straight into a future in which the world is like New York in the 1970s where crime runs rampant. And trust me we don’t want that. We need to work with the police and help them change not abolish them. Look at Camden if you want an example for how the police should change.

Shooting in the Seattle Autonomous Zone Leaves 1 Dead 1 Wounded

Unfortunately it looks like I was right in both part 1 and part 2. It was only a matter of time before someone died in the Seattle autonomous zone. 1 person was shot and 1 person was wounded in the Seattle autonomous zone last night. It really is sad as this could have easily been prevented by allowing a police presence in the area.

CHOP as it is now known is a total failure of an idea. It was cute the first couple of days but now the situation has become incredibly dangerous. These people don’t realize how much we really rely on the government to keep us safe, there is only so much a “street medic” can do to help someone who has been shot.

But rather than admit that there little social experiment failed these losers actively barred the police from entering CHOP. What the fuck is with these psychos, don’t they realize that someone has been killed? The police are actually there trying to help them, and they are just acting like a bunch of assholes.

I really didn’t want to be right but unfortunately I am. This really is a tragedy, something like this could easily be prevented. I don’t believe this is gonna be a one off incident, violence like this is going to continue to thrive in an area like this. Like it or not we need the police, they keep us safe and without them we will have anarchy.

Chaos in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

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The CHAZ is no more. The six block area of Seattle’s capital hill neighborhood is now known as CHOP. Which stands for Capital Hill Organized Protest. So it looks they did take my suggestion in part 1 and they changed the name from CHAZ to CHOP. At least like the nutcases are learning something am I right?

In it’s initial days CHOP seemed like was more akin to a music festival than an actual protest. But more and more each day it seems the situation in CHOP is descending into chaos. Emergency services are already having problems getting into the area but what is supposed to happen if someone gets murdered in the area? Are they gonna let the police in or are they gonna solve it themselves? Someone was lying unconscious and rather than call 911 they called “street medics”.Who needs trained professionals when you can just call “street” What could possibly go wrong?

Access to CHOP is quickly becoming more and more restrictive as there have been assaults on journalists who have been recording and live streaming from CHOP. They even have rules for “non-black” photographers. These “protesters” claim to be antifascist but it seems more and more they are becoming the fascists they hate so much.

Someone is either gonna get seriously and maybe even killed if the police do not start to contain these psychos. There are people in this area who are heavily armed and dangerous. I mean look at this bozo. He is part of a Gun Club who had a member participate in a terrorist attack. What could possibly go wrong?

Or this. A bunch of people tried to set a business on fire and when the owners were able to fight them off they found this. A fully automatic weapon with 5 magazines what could possibly go wrong?

Someone is going to get seriously hurt possibly even killed and the city of Seattle is doing nothing to stop it. In fact the City of Seattle is actually helping these freaks by building them wooden structures. Seattle is the biggest joke of a city, actually the whole Pacific Northwest is a shit hole.

As much as the mainstream media wants to believe CHOP is not a peaceful utopia. There are very violent and dangerous people in this area who need to be contained. These people aren’t after peace they don’t want equality all they want is chaos. I feel for the Seattle PD as they really are powerless to fix this issue as they can no longer use pepper spray or other crowd control devices, so CHOP could be up for quite a while.

This isn’t a peaceful demonstration and it wont end peacefully trust me. One positive thing we gained from this is this funny video of protesters trying to lift a statue and failing because they are weak.

This is the Funniest Donald Trump Tweet Ever

I mean this has to be the funniest thing Trump has ever tweeted right? Not only is this video totally fake but it also fooled a lot of people, with Twitter even finding the need to put a disclaimer on it. Who the hell edited this video, this looks like something that a meme page would post not the President of the United States. But the fact that the President of the United States found the need to have someone edit a video of 2 toddlers playing and then suggest that a baby is racist is hilarious. This seems like this would happen in a South Park episode, it almost seems like this can’t be real life. President Trump is truly a cartoon character.

Youtuber Tana Mongeau Proves Yet Again That She Is Truly the Fakest Person on The Internet

The Covid-19 pandemic has effected the world in numerous ways. People have lost their jobs, lost love ones and have been isolated in their homes for months. An even scarier crisis is upon us as evictions in America are set to skyrocket because of Covid. But for whatever reason youtuber Tana Mongeau thought it would be a great idea to profit off this crisis on the app Cameo.

If your not familiar with Tana Mongeau you might know her from screaming the n word or her fake marriage with fellow youtuber Jake Paul. She has over 5 million youtube subscribers and 5 million Instagram followers with most of them being young females To capitalize on her fame Tana set up an account on Cameo. Cameo is an app which allows users to pay celebrities for personalized videos. Tana charges 169 dollars for your own personalized video. Most of her videos are normal happy birthday, congrats on your pregnancy, happy anniversary type videos. However one real stuck out to me as kind of disturbing.

The screenshot above is from a particular cameo that she did in which she tells the recipient of the video that they are getting evicted. To me she comes across as totally fake and making light on the situation. Getting evicted is pretty devastating especially during a pandemic so that she is making fun of the person in addition to profiting of this pretty disgusting. Also fuck landlords they are literally the worst.

3 Sports Video Games To Play This Summer

Summer is upon us. As we wind into the dog days of summer and it looks like there will be no baseball this year we will have to find entertainment somewhere. And where better than video games. These are 3 sports video games you should play this summer.

Honorable Mention: Retro Bowl on IOS and Android devices

This is an honorable mention because of the stigma against mobile games, but trust me this is one of the few good mobile out there. It’s an American football game similar to that of Tecmo Bowl. It’s very easy learn and offers quick fast paced gameplay that is perfect for on the go action. It also has a surprisingly deep career mode feature. And a bonus is that this game is FREE with very few in game purchases available that don’t really affect gameplay.

3. Any NCAA football game

The NCAA football series popularity has been revived during this pandemic as people are playing their old video game systems again. From dynasty mode to road to glory the NCAA series is a great example of depth and replay ability that every video game series should strive for. Barstool Sport’s personality Big Cat has also been doing a really awesome dynasty mode series on his twitch channel which should put you in the mood to play. NCAA’s gameplay really does put the current madden series to shame. And with mods you can update the rosters so you can play with the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. However, this game is quite difficult to get a hold of, but if you can you won’t be disappointed.

2. F1 2020 on Xbox, PS4 and PC

Ok so this game has not come out yet, but it is scheduled for release on July 10th. F1 2019 was one of the highest rated games of the series and the 2020 release includes many new features that should appease both new and returning fans. They added a new my team mode which allows you create your racing team for their career mode in which you pick the sponsors and design the car and pick your teammate. This game also includes the Hanoi circuit. If you want to know why you should watch and follow Formula 1 click here.

3. Out of the Park Baseball 21 on PC

Baseball will probably not be back this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our baseball fill in. Out of the Park Baseball is a text based managerial sim, which allows you to take control of any of the 30 MLB teams or any of the hundreds of minor league or independent teams from not only the US but around the world. It also includes a ultimate style mode similar to Madden and FIFA called Perfect Team which increases its replay ability.The amount of depth and replay ability is this game is incredibly impressive and will leave you coming back for more each time you play. It currently is available on Steam for 40 dollars.

North Korea Is Back At It Again

North Korea can never stay happy. They recently blew up liaison office with South Korea and recently is threatening to move troops to occupy parts of the Demilitarized zone. During a global pandemic they just have to try and start a conflict. I thought they were done with their little tricks and schemes when Kim Jong-un almost died, but I guess not. Why do they have to start shit now?

There really is no need to worry about North Korea though. Because they are the biggest frauds in the world. Kim Jong-un or his ugly sister don’t want a real conflict. North Korea’s army is one of the most over-hyped in the world. Every year they march around and everyone thinks because they can march in sync that they are all tough. But guess what, their army is under supplied, under fed and weak. They are no real threat, rest easy.

I’m so scared!!!

Besides being ugly and gross Kim Jong- un’s sister has quite the mouth on her. She has been talking a lot shit this past week by threatening military action against South Korea. While she may be talking a lot of smack in reality her and her family do not want a conflict because they will lose. And when they lose the whole Un family will probably be either executed or put into prison for the numerous crimes against their own people. I’m telling you if there is a conflict with North Korea it will be the Gulf War all over again in which the US and Coalition beat the shit out of North Korea.


Everyone needs to relax North Korea won’t do shit. The only thing they have done is blow up their own building they ain’t gonna do shit. They are only doing this to try and get attention and they are throwing a little tantrum to try and get their way. But don’t they are a bunch of pussies who don’t want a real war.

Chuba Hubbard is the Biggest Baby Ever

In case you didn’t see it Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard had a tantrum because his coach Mike Gundy wore a One American News Network shirt. Its a fucking shirt, like who cares? It’s not like he was wearing a Confederate flag shirt. Gundy’s shirt did not warrant that kind of reaction from Hubbard.

For those who don’t know OANN is in between InfoWars and Breitbart News in regards to terrible conspiracy theories and fake news. I’ve yet to meet someone who actually reads that site let alone someone who would actually own and wear a shirt from said website. I read CBS news yet I would never own a CBS shirt, c’mon Mike Gundy think! Use your brain bro.

The reason for this article is that Chuba Hubbard was being a giant baby. He was being a giant baby because instead of confronting his coach in person or on the phone he decided to instead complain on twitter. Chuba lost all credibility with me because he is preaching about change and creating a new culture but when confronted with someone who has a different political view he cries on twitter. As human beings we cannot be afraid to confront and discuss our differences, but differences aren’t resolved by crying on twitter. Mike Gundy wearing a OANN shirt was pretty stupid there is no denying that, but trying to shame him on twitter is not the appropriate answer. I give credit to Mike Gundy for his response because if a player said that about me behind my back I would be very upset. But at least Chuba admitted some fault in what he did.

So I Guess Spongebob is Gay

Nickelodeon recently came out with a tweet heavily implying that Spongebob Squarepants is gay. Spongebob is like the movie Shrek in that it is full of those kind of edgy dirty jokes that adults will understand. And I’d say that most of them reference some sort of hint about Spongebob’s sexuality. If ever there was a cartoon character who is gay it would be Spongebob.

Of course there was backlash with people saying “Why does a cartoon character need to be gay?” Who cares? He’s a fake make believe character so it shouldn’t matter about his sexuality, But Spongebob happens to be literally one of the most sus characters ever. I mean look at his actions on the show he is basically the definition of a gay character. I mean look at this:

It doesn’t take a genius to determine that Spongebob is gay, in fact I think Spongebob isn’t the only gay character on that show. Squidward is also gay, I mean who the hell plays the clarinet. Him and Spongebob would make a good odd couple kinda like Bert and Ernie. They would be the perfect couple and maybe Squidward wouldn’t be so moody.

At the end of the day good for Spongebob for having the courage to come out as gay. It takes a lot of guts, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think this is a positive step towards television to becoming more inclusive. Comment down below which cartoon characters you think are gay.

The Kim Kardashians Is the Key to Solving America’s Racism Problem

Love her or hate her Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. She has gone from making a sex tape to become famous to meeting the President of the United States.

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate comeback story. She has come from being memed and made fun of to actually striving for societal change. One thing that has been lost in the news is the efforts of Kim Kardashian to free prisoners especially those of color. Last year she was able to help free 17 prisoners most of whom were people of color who were convicted of non-violent drug crimes. She also worked extensively to help with the release of Cyntoia Brown a victim of sex trafficking who killed a man. Kim Kardashian is really the example that all celebrities should try to follow, she isn’t posting cringy videos on Twitter, she’s out there trying to make a real difference in the world and that is something we all should do. If America wants to end racism it takes more than fake gestures and pandering to the crowd, it takes real change and action is needed.