Chuba Hubbard is the Biggest Baby Ever

In case you didn’t see it Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard had a tantrum because his coach Mike Gundy wore a One American News Network shirt. Its a fucking shirt, like who cares? It’s not like he was wearing a Confederate flag shirt. Gundy’s shirt did not warrant that kind of reaction from Hubbard.

For those who don’t know OANN is in between InfoWars and Breitbart News in regards to terrible conspiracy theories and fake news. I’ve yet to meet someone who actually reads that site let alone someone who would actually own and wear a shirt from said website. I read CBS news yet I would never own a CBS shirt, c’mon Mike Gundy think! Use your brain bro.

The reason for this article is that Chuba Hubbard was being a giant baby. He was being a giant baby because instead of confronting his coach in person or on the phone he decided to instead complain on twitter. Chuba lost all credibility with me because he is preaching about change and creating a new culture but when confronted with someone who has a different political view he cries on twitter. As human beings we cannot be afraid to confront and discuss our differences, but differences aren’t resolved by crying on twitter. Mike Gundy wearing a OANN shirt was pretty stupid there is no denying that, but trying to shame him on twitter is not the appropriate answer. I give credit to Mike Gundy for his response because if a player said that about me behind my back I would be very upset. But at least Chuba admitted some fault in what he did.

2 thoughts on “Chuba Hubbard is the Biggest Baby Ever

  1. For someone complaining about Chuba being a “big baby” and saying that he has lost credibility I can’t help but feel as if you have lost what little credibility you had by using unprofessional vernacular and explicative language. This issue is that OAN doesn’t support BLM as a movement and an organization and during this time it is insensitive and Chuba deserves credit for admitting where he is wrong but also starting a much needed culture change


    1. The issue I had with Chuba is that he didn’t confront the coach offline. Rather he went on twitter to complain. I have no issue with the subject matter of his argument rather the way he went about it. I even say in the post how OAN is a bad site and I never defended what Gundy did.


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