North Korea Is Back At It Again

North Korea can never stay happy. They recently blew up liaison office with South Korea and recently is threatening to move troops to occupy parts of the Demilitarized zone. During a global pandemic they just have to try and start a conflict. I thought they were done with their little tricks and schemes when Kim Jong-un almost died, but I guess not. Why do they have to start shit now?

There really is no need to worry about North Korea though. Because they are the biggest frauds in the world. Kim Jong-un or his ugly sister don’t want a real conflict. North Korea’s army is one of the most over-hyped in the world. Every year they march around and everyone thinks because they can march in sync that they are all tough. But guess what, their army is under supplied, under fed and weak. They are no real threat, rest easy.

I’m so scared!!!

Besides being ugly and gross Kim Jong- un’s sister has quite the mouth on her. She has been talking a lot shit this past week by threatening military action against South Korea. While she may be talking a lot of smack in reality her and her family do not want a conflict because they will lose. And when they lose the whole Un family will probably be either executed or put into prison for the numerous crimes against their own people. I’m telling you if there is a conflict with North Korea it will be the Gulf War all over again in which the US and Coalition beat the shit out of North Korea.


Everyone needs to relax North Korea won’t do shit. The only thing they have done is blow up their own building they ain’t gonna do shit. They are only doing this to try and get attention and they are throwing a little tantrum to try and get their way. But don’t they are a bunch of pussies who don’t want a real war.

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