3 Sports Video Games To Play This Summer

Summer is upon us. As we wind into the dog days of summer and it looks like there will be no baseball this year we will have to find entertainment somewhere. And where better than video games. These are 3 sports video games you should play this summer.

Honorable Mention: Retro Bowl on IOS and Android devices

This is an honorable mention because of the stigma against mobile games, but trust me this is one of the few good mobile out there. It’s an American football game similar to that of Tecmo Bowl. It’s very easy learn and offers quick fast paced gameplay that is perfect for on the go action. It also has a surprisingly deep career mode feature. And a bonus is that this game is FREE with very few in game purchases available that don’t really affect gameplay.

3. Any NCAA football game

The NCAA football series popularity has been revived during this pandemic as people are playing their old video game systems again. From dynasty mode to road to glory the NCAA series is a great example of depth and replay ability that every video game series should strive for. Barstool Sport’s personality Big Cat has also been doing a really awesome dynasty mode series on his twitch channel which should put you in the mood to play. NCAA’s gameplay really does put the current madden series to shame. And with mods you can update the rosters so you can play with the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. However, this game is quite difficult to get a hold of, but if you can you won’t be disappointed.

2. F1 2020 on Xbox, PS4 and PC

Ok so this game has not come out yet, but it is scheduled for release on July 10th. F1 2019 was one of the highest rated games of the series and the 2020 release includes many new features that should appease both new and returning fans. They added a new my team mode which allows you create your racing team for their career mode in which you pick the sponsors and design the car and pick your teammate. This game also includes the Hanoi circuit. If you want to know why you should watch and follow Formula 1 click here.

3. Out of the Park Baseball 21 on PC

Baseball will probably not be back this summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get our baseball fill in. Out of the Park Baseball is a text based managerial sim, which allows you to take control of any of the 30 MLB teams or any of the hundreds of minor league or independent teams from not only the US but around the world. It also includes a ultimate style mode similar to Madden and FIFA called Perfect Team which increases its replay ability.The amount of depth and replay ability is this game is incredibly impressive and will leave you coming back for more each time you play. It currently is available on Steam for 40 dollars.

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