5 Reasons to Watch Motorsports This Summer

With the MLB still no where near returning our sport watching options are quite slim. However a very unlikely source of entertainment has come up…..Motorsports!! Nascar, Indycar and Formula 1 are all back or coming back which will fill the void the lack of sports has left us. Here are 5 reasons you should watch Motorsports this summer.

  1. It is the only US sport back now

As I am writing this article, the only US sport to resume is the 3 different Nascar series and the Indy car series. Unless you want to wake up at 5 in the morning to watch Korean baseball or have time during the afternoon to watch German soccer, then Nascar and Indy car is your only hope for sports.

2. It’s on all the time

Nascar has upwards of 3 races a week spread out across its truck, Xfinity and cup series. So if you miss one race you aren’t screwed, you have others that you can watch. Especially with Indy car back and Formula 1 coming back in the early July there will be plenty of Motorsports to watch and satisfy our sports needs this summer.

3. We can gamble on it

Of course as soon as sports betting starts to become legalized across the country Covid happens and now we have no sports to bet on. Virtual sports and betting on video games can only go so far. Luckily we can bet on all Motorsports, if you love to gamble as much as I do it’s a lot of fun to bet on cars driving around a track. If you also like daily fantasy sports you are in luck because you can play Nascar on Fanduel and Draftkings.

4. There’s a lot of competition

One advantage Motorsports has is that there is a lot of competition. Nascar has had seven different race winners this season. IndyCar had eight different race winners last season. Formula 1 which has for the past few years has been dominated by Mercedes has introduced a budget cap to make it more competitive for future seasons. Every race there is something new that can happen, different winner, or a big crash.

5. There is an awesome Netflix show

This is Formula 1 specific but there is one of the best Netflix shows out there called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. It really is one of the best shows on Netflix. There are 2 seasons of about 10 episodes each and it covers Formula 1 through the 2018 and 2019 season. Formula 1 is truly a global sport and it really captures that aspect of the sport. This show is really one of the best shows sports shows on Netflix and is a must binge.

Covid has allowed many people to take up new hobbies and activities and during this Summer everyone should start to follow Motorsports. Unlike the NFL which is way behind in social issues Nascar is becoming more inclusive as they recently banned the confederate flag from its races.The MLB season may be cancelled so in the mean time sit back relax and enjoy some racing.

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