The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is the New 51st State

What the fuck is going on in Seattle? In case you didn’t see a bunch weirdos have taken 6 city blocks in downtown Seattle and claimed to have seceded from the United States. It’s almost as if these people weren’t around the shit show that was occupy wall street. I mean people were getting raped and assaulted during those protests and the cops couldn’t do anything. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a huge issue.

Its already starting

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is now commonly known as the CHAZ. If these protesters are really protesting for Black Lives Matter than they picked the worst name possible. Chaz is literally the whitest name ever, I have never met a black man named Chaz. THIS IS THE FACE THAT COMES UP WHEN YOU GOOGLE CHAZ! But name aside it is important to note that a good portion of these protesters are sleeping in tents and that is fucking disgusting. Like camping is maybe fun for about a day before you feel disgusting. But imagine camping in a fucking city, no matter how clean a city claims to be it is still very fucking gross. Sleeping next to rats, trash and shit is the definition of grimy. The CHAZ has no evidence of shutting down any time soon so these protesters could be living, sleeping, fucking and shitting in tents for months.

How long before someone starts fucking in that tent

I feel really bad for the people and business owners who actually reside in this 6 block area. First Covid and now a bunch of weirdos sleeping in tents outside your house. Homelessness is a problem in almost every city and now there a bunch of people choosing to be homeless outside your door, what would you do? I would move to a different fucking city that’s for sure. Small businesses can’t catch a break, a lot of them closed because Covid and some were destroyed during riots and now they are being extorted by these anarchists. It wouldn’t surprise me by the time that the CHAZ finally gets shutdown that this area doesn’t turn into another skid row.

The little guy can’t catch a break

The CHAZ is just another story during the craziest period of my life. Hopefully its occupation will end peacefully. But I doubt it with a new “warlord” apparently running CHAZ and armed militias roaming around. Portland is also apparently trying to build their own autonomous zone making one thing clear that the pacific northwest is the fucking WORST.

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