Shooting in the Seattle Autonomous Zone Leaves 1 Dead 1 Wounded

Unfortunately it looks like I was right in both part 1 and part 2. It was only a matter of time before someone died in the Seattle autonomous zone. 1 person was shot and 1 person was wounded in the Seattle autonomous zone last night. It really is sad as this could have easily been prevented by allowing a police presence in the area.

CHOP as it is now known is a total failure of an idea. It was cute the first couple of days but now the situation has become incredibly dangerous. These people don’t realize how much we really rely on the government to keep us safe, there is only so much a “street medic” can do to help someone who has been shot.

But rather than admit that there little social experiment failed these losers actively barred the police from entering CHOP. What the fuck is with these psychos, don’t they realize that someone has been killed? The police are actually there trying to help them, and they are just acting like a bunch of assholes.

I really didn’t want to be right but unfortunately I am. This really is a tragedy, something like this could easily be prevented. I don’t believe this is gonna be a one off incident, violence like this is going to continue to thrive in an area like this. Like it or not we need the police, they keep us safe and without them we will have anarchy.

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