Chaos in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

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The CHAZ is no more. The six block area of Seattle’s capital hill neighborhood is now known as CHOP. Which stands for Capital Hill Organized Protest. So it looks they did take my suggestion in part 1 and they changed the name from CHAZ to CHOP. At least like the nutcases are learning something am I right?

In it’s initial days CHOP seemed like was more akin to a music festival than an actual protest. But more and more each day it seems the situation in CHOP is descending into chaos. Emergency services are already having problems getting into the area but what is supposed to happen if someone gets murdered in the area? Are they gonna let the police in or are they gonna solve it themselves? Someone was lying unconscious and rather than call 911 they called “street medics”.Who needs trained professionals when you can just call “street” What could possibly go wrong?

Access to CHOP is quickly becoming more and more restrictive as there have been assaults on journalists who have been recording and live streaming from CHOP. They even have rules for “non-black” photographers. These “protesters” claim to be antifascist but it seems more and more they are becoming the fascists they hate so much.

Someone is either gonna get seriously and maybe even killed if the police do not start to contain these psychos. There are people in this area who are heavily armed and dangerous. I mean look at this bozo. He is part of a Gun Club who had a member participate in a terrorist attack. What could possibly go wrong?

Or this. A bunch of people tried to set a business on fire and when the owners were able to fight them off they found this. A fully automatic weapon with 5 magazines what could possibly go wrong?

Someone is going to get seriously hurt possibly even killed and the city of Seattle is doing nothing to stop it. In fact the City of Seattle is actually helping these freaks by building them wooden structures. Seattle is the biggest joke of a city, actually the whole Pacific Northwest is a shit hole.

As much as the mainstream media wants to believe CHOP is not a peaceful utopia. There are very violent and dangerous people in this area who need to be contained. These people aren’t after peace they don’t want equality all they want is chaos. I feel for the Seattle PD as they really are powerless to fix this issue as they can no longer use pepper spray or other crowd control devices, so CHOP could be up for quite a while.

This isn’t a peaceful demonstration and it wont end peacefully trust me. One positive thing we gained from this is this funny video of protesters trying to lift a statue and failing because they are weak.

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