Youtuber Tana Mongeau Proves Yet Again That She Is Truly the Fakest Person on The Internet

The Covid-19 pandemic has effected the world in numerous ways. People have lost their jobs, lost love ones and have been isolated in their homes for months. An even scarier crisis is upon us as evictions in America are set to skyrocket because of Covid. But for whatever reason youtuber Tana Mongeau thought it would be a great idea to profit off this crisis on the app Cameo.

If your not familiar with Tana Mongeau you might know her from screaming the n word or her fake marriage with fellow youtuber Jake Paul. She has over 5 million youtube subscribers and 5 million Instagram followers with most of them being young females To capitalize on her fame Tana set up an account on Cameo. Cameo is an app which allows users to pay celebrities for personalized videos. Tana charges 169 dollars for your own personalized video. Most of her videos are normal happy birthday, congrats on your pregnancy, happy anniversary type videos. However one real stuck out to me as kind of disturbing.

The screenshot above is from a particular cameo that she did in which she tells the recipient of the video that they are getting evicted. To me she comes across as totally fake and making light on the situation. Getting evicted is pretty devastating especially during a pandemic so that she is making fun of the person in addition to profiting of this pretty disgusting. Also fuck landlords they are literally the worst.

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