So I Guess Spongebob is Gay

Nickelodeon recently came out with a tweet heavily implying that Spongebob Squarepants is gay. Spongebob is like the movie Shrek in that it is full of those kind of edgy dirty jokes that adults will understand. And I’d say that most of them reference some sort of hint about Spongebob’s sexuality. If ever there was a cartoon character who is gay it would be Spongebob.

Of course there was backlash with people saying “Why does a cartoon character need to be gay?” Who cares? He’s a fake make believe character so it shouldn’t matter about his sexuality, But Spongebob happens to be literally one of the most sus characters ever. I mean look at his actions on the show he is basically the definition of a gay character. I mean look at this:

It doesn’t take a genius to determine that Spongebob is gay, in fact I think Spongebob isn’t the only gay character on that show. Squidward is also gay, I mean who the hell plays the clarinet. Him and Spongebob would make a good odd couple kinda like Bert and Ernie. They would be the perfect couple and maybe Squidward wouldn’t be so moody.

At the end of the day good for Spongebob for having the courage to come out as gay. It takes a lot of guts, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think this is a positive step towards television to becoming more inclusive. Comment down below which cartoon characters you think are gay.

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