So I Guess Spongebob is Gay

Nickelodeon recently came out with a tweet heavily implying that Spongebob Squarepants is gay. Spongebob is like the movie Shrek in that it is full of those kind of edgy dirty jokes that adults will understand. And I’d say that most of them reference some sort of hint about Spongebob’s sexuality. If ever there was a cartoon character who is gay it would be Spongebob.

Of course there was backlash with people saying “Why does a cartoon character need to be gay?” Who cares? He’s a fake make believe character so it shouldn’t matter about his sexuality, But Spongebob happens to be literally one of the most sus characters ever. I mean look at his actions on the show he is basically the definition of a gay character. I mean look at this:

It doesn’t take a genius to determine that Spongebob is gay, in fact I think Spongebob isn’t the only gay character on that show. Squidward is also gay, I mean who the hell plays the clarinet. Him and Spongebob would make a good odd couple kinda like Bert and Ernie. They would be the perfect couple and maybe Squidward wouldn’t be so moody.

At the end of the day good for Spongebob for having the courage to come out as gay. It takes a lot of guts, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I think this is a positive step towards television to becoming more inclusive. Comment down below which cartoon characters you think are gay.

The Kim Kardashians Is the Key to Solving America’s Racism Problem

Love her or hate her Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. She has gone from making a sex tape to become famous to meeting the President of the United States.

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate comeback story. She has come from being memed and made fun of to actually striving for societal change. One thing that has been lost in the news is the efforts of Kim Kardashian to free prisoners especially those of color. Last year she was able to help free 17 prisoners most of whom were people of color who were convicted of non-violent drug crimes. She also worked extensively to help with the release of Cyntoia Brown a victim of sex trafficking who killed a man. Kim Kardashian is really the example that all celebrities should try to follow, she isn’t posting cringy videos on Twitter, she’s out there trying to make a real difference in the world and that is something we all should do. If America wants to end racism it takes more than fake gestures and pandering to the crowd, it takes real change and action is needed.

Julianne Moore Posted the Cringiest Video on the Internet

Man celebrities can’t catch a break. I think this has to be the worse video on the internet right now, and there are videos of police beating the shit out of protesters. Like how tone deaf do these celebrities have to be. You would think someone their publicist, agent or even their spouse would tell them “Hey this is really cringy and their is not a single black person in a video about racism.” The lack of self awareness is alarming. I don’t know whether its their inflated ego or feeling of self importance but celebrities need to realise NO ONE CARES WHAT THEY THINK. But this video really just goes to show how celebrities are the cringiest people on the planet.

I mean this has to be worse than the Imagine video right? At least with the imagine video you could say it was well intended, at least you could say there was some diversity in it. But there is no redeeming qualities of this video, NONE.

If you didn’t think it could get any worse it did

Call me uncultured but I recognized probably about a little over half of the celebs in the video. But I do know one thing and that is some of these celebs need acting classes. Like this girl:

I genuinely have no idea who this is please drop a comment below if you do, but I mean come on this ain’t the pledge of allegiance you don’t need to have your hand over your heart to say you hate racism. SO FAKE. Aaron Paul was just as bad:

What is this face? Aaron Paul was the one really going for it in this video. I don’t know if he thought this was an audition or what but he came off as totally in genuine and fake. I wonder what Jessie Pinkman would think of this?

Celebrities need to learn to stay in their lane. At the end of the day no one should care what celebrities think about these issues. They live such a sheltered and artificial life that they are very out of touch with the average person’s life that shouldn’t be the ones lecturing people about hate and racism. One last reminder that there wasn’t A SINGLE BLACK PERSON IN THIS VIDEO!!!

5 Reasons to Watch Motorsports This Summer

With the MLB still no where near returning our sport watching options are quite slim. However a very unlikely source of entertainment has come up…..Motorsports!! Nascar, Indycar and Formula 1 are all back or coming back which will fill the void the lack of sports has left us. Here are 5 reasons you should watch Motorsports this summer.

  1. It is the only US sport back now

As I am writing this article, the only US sport to resume is the 3 different Nascar series and the Indy car series. Unless you want to wake up at 5 in the morning to watch Korean baseball or have time during the afternoon to watch German soccer, then Nascar and Indy car is your only hope for sports.

2. It’s on all the time

Nascar has upwards of 3 races a week spread out across its truck, Xfinity and cup series. So if you miss one race you aren’t screwed, you have others that you can watch. Especially with Indy car back and Formula 1 coming back in the early July there will be plenty of Motorsports to watch and satisfy our sports needs this summer.

3. We can gamble on it

Of course as soon as sports betting starts to become legalized across the country Covid happens and now we have no sports to bet on. Virtual sports and betting on video games can only go so far. Luckily we can bet on all Motorsports, if you love to gamble as much as I do it’s a lot of fun to bet on cars driving around a track. If you also like daily fantasy sports you are in luck because you can play Nascar on Fanduel and Draftkings.

4. There’s a lot of competition

One advantage Motorsports has is that there is a lot of competition. Nascar has had seven different race winners this season. IndyCar had eight different race winners last season. Formula 1 which has for the past few years has been dominated by Mercedes has introduced a budget cap to make it more competitive for future seasons. Every race there is something new that can happen, different winner, or a big crash.

5. There is an awesome Netflix show

This is Formula 1 specific but there is one of the best Netflix shows out there called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. It really is one of the best shows on Netflix. There are 2 seasons of about 10 episodes each and it covers Formula 1 through the 2018 and 2019 season. Formula 1 is truly a global sport and it really captures that aspect of the sport. This show is really one of the best shows sports shows on Netflix and is a must binge.

Covid has allowed many people to take up new hobbies and activities and during this Summer everyone should start to follow Motorsports. Unlike the NFL which is way behind in social issues Nascar is becoming more inclusive as they recently banned the confederate flag from its races.The MLB season may be cancelled so in the mean time sit back relax and enjoy some racing.

The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is the New 51st State

What the fuck is going on in Seattle? In case you didn’t see a bunch weirdos have taken 6 city blocks in downtown Seattle and claimed to have seceded from the United States. It’s almost as if these people weren’t around the shit show that was occupy wall street. I mean people were getting raped and assaulted during those protests and the cops couldn’t do anything. It is only a matter of time before this becomes a huge issue.

Its already starting

The Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is now commonly known as the CHAZ. If these protesters are really protesting for Black Lives Matter than they picked the worst name possible. Chaz is literally the whitest name ever, I have never met a black man named Chaz. THIS IS THE FACE THAT COMES UP WHEN YOU GOOGLE CHAZ! But name aside it is important to note that a good portion of these protesters are sleeping in tents and that is fucking disgusting. Like camping is maybe fun for about a day before you feel disgusting. But imagine camping in a fucking city, no matter how clean a city claims to be it is still very fucking gross. Sleeping next to rats, trash and shit is the definition of grimy. The CHAZ has no evidence of shutting down any time soon so these protesters could be living, sleeping, fucking and shitting in tents for months.

How long before someone starts fucking in that tent

I feel really bad for the people and business owners who actually reside in this 6 block area. First Covid and now a bunch of weirdos sleeping in tents outside your house. Homelessness is a problem in almost every city and now there a bunch of people choosing to be homeless outside your door, what would you do? I would move to a different fucking city that’s for sure. Small businesses can’t catch a break, a lot of them closed because Covid and some were destroyed during riots and now they are being extorted by these anarchists. It wouldn’t surprise me by the time that the CHAZ finally gets shutdown that this area doesn’t turn into another skid row.

The little guy can’t catch a break

The CHAZ is just another story during the craziest period of my life. Hopefully its occupation will end peacefully. But I doubt it with a new “warlord” apparently running CHAZ and armed militias roaming around. Portland is also apparently trying to build their own autonomous zone making one thing clear that the pacific northwest is the fucking WORST.

HBO MAX Removes Gone with the Wind. Now No One Can Watch It

Recently HBO made the decision to remove the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind from its streaming service HBO Max. Naturally conservatives began to cry and make the comparison that this country was turning into George Orwell’s novel 1984. As much as conservatives might like to believe that is not the case.

Just a little dramatic don’t you think?

While I have never seen Gone with the Wind I do know that its general plot focuses on the south during the civil war. It perpetuates glorifies the old south and perpetuates black stereotypes. Many conservatives are do point to the fact that Hattie McDaniel was the first African American to win a Academy Award. However, she was only let into the ceremony as a favor and she had to sit at a segregated table. This movie is from a dark period in American history in which African Americans were stilled considered second class citizens. This movie deserves similar consideration to the culture warnings on certain Disney Plus content but perhaps on a lesser scale.

Hattie McDaniel was barely allowed to accept her Academy Award.

There is no question Gone with the Wind has an incredible historical importance in American cinema. It still is one of the highest grossing films of all time with inflation. But it has an ugly history and deserves to be criticized because of that. While the very few people that own HBO Max might be disappointed that it was removed, the rest of the world shouldn’t as there are literally hundreds of different streaming services out there in addition to numerous ways to purchase it. So rest easy out there if you want to watch Gone with the Wind you can, but its 4 fucking hours who has that kind of time?

Is Tate Martell a Bust?

Tate Martell is perhaps the most famous 4th string quarterback in college football. He was the #2 dual-threat quarterback in the class of 2017 and his career couldn’t be looking worse.

Tate has had a really interesting career, he was a Netflix superstar on their hit show QB 1 Behind the Lights which featured two other quarterbacks from his class, Jake Fromm RIP and Tayvon Bowers who recently transferred to an FCS program. But there was no question that Tate was the star on that show. He was cocky and confident and he won the mythical high school national championship. Tate looked destined to be the next star at Ohio State.

But God had a different plan. Tate red-shirted his freshman year as most quarterbacks do and played sparingly his sophomore year in special packages behind Dwayne Haskins. He actually put up solid stats and showed flashes of real potential. He looked destined to take over the starting role for 2019. Justin Fields disatisfied sitting behind Jake Fromm at Georgia felt otherwise.

Rather than try and compete for the starting job Tate transferred to the U. Tate actually played more snaps at wide receiver than quarterback. But when he did get his chance at QB he looked…..bad. His stats were even worse completing only 1 pass for 7 yards and 7 rushes for 7 yards. And something tells me his stats will be even worse this year.


Tate is the prime example of the shit show that is college football recruiting. He got his first offer at 14 from Texas A&M. He went to the #1 high school football program and was a top recruit. Now with Houston QB D’eriq King, Tate is now the 4th string quarterback. His best bet is to switch to wide receiver permanently and hope he can become a poor man Julian Edelman, but that doesn’t seem likely. One thing is for certain if he doesn’t turn his career around he is gonna be one of the biggest college football busts of this decade.

At least he looks good in warmups

#Protests2020: Is It Really About BLM?

The murder of George Floyd by police has spawned hundreds of protests around the globe. While there is no denying that the American police system needs to be reformed as it is biased against African Americans but these protests also claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement. In this blog I will show how that really is not the case.

This past weekend in Chicago over 85 people were shot with 24 of those people dying. The large majority of those being African American. But not a single major news network reported this. It was only reported by conservative news sites and the local Chicago press. Conservatives who have been accused of not being sensitive to the Black Lives Matter movement were the ones who took not of this, even Donald Trump Jr cared enough to tweet about it. It is really interesting how these protests seem to be about Black Lives Matter but at the end of the day not all black lives are news worthy.

This video above shows the abuse and assault of an African American police office by a predominantly white group of teenagers. They can be heard saying “Where’s your white cop friends to save you” and calling him several other explicit names in the process. They can also be seen trying to assault him. Do Black Police Lives Matter to? It is a valid point as a retired black police officer was killed by looters in St Louis and a black federal officer was killed in Las Vegas. It really is sad because both of these men did not make major headlines across the country as the mainstream media basically ignored their deaths.

This is video is another example of why people are questioning the motives of this protests. Here we have a white person just destroying a side walk for no apparent reason. Was it was some kind of gesture to George Floyd to destroy a sidewalk? Probably not, the more likely answer is this guy is an anarchists and is using the cover of protests to destroy the city where he lives. Luckily black people were able to hand him over to police. But this is a common theme that I have noticed throughout the protests is that the main destruction and rioting is because of white people. I mean look at this little dweeb who got caught trying to start riots in Pittsburgh. These people who are causing destruction don’t care about Black Lives Matter or George Floyd rather they are using real protests as a ploy to advance their own delusional agenda.

There is no question that there have been great peaceful protests that support the Black Lives Matter movement. But at the end of the day the argument can be made that these protests message has become hypocritical about what they do and do not support. All Black Lives Matter is important to remember not just those who died on video, remember those whose names will be forgotten. And a message to my fellow white people: Don’t hijack the peaceful protests that are going on to try and spread your stupid anarchists agenda. Don’t insult black police officers and don’t destroy black communities in the name of black lives matter.


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