3 Takeaways From The Eagles-Saints Game

Another week, another Eagles win. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to say those words but it feels good. The media is already beginning to overhype the implications of this game on the future direction of the Eagles. Before we get ahead of ourselves here are 3 key takeaways from this game.

  1. Jalen Hurts is a better scheme fit for this Eagles team

Carson Wentz leads the NFL in total sacks taken. Jalen Hurts was not sacked once yesterday, is that a coincidence? No, and here is why. Jalen Hurts is much more mobile and was able to use his legs to avoid sacks, that Carson Wentz would have taken. The Eagles O-line is depleted and broken, as a result they cannot be relied on to hold up on blocks and protect the pass. Therefore, getting our quarterbacks out of the pocket is needed. It is important to note Jalen was much better with the same offensive line that Wentz had. While Wentz can run the ball he is not nearly as good as Jalen Hurts. Hurts had 106 yards rushing, against a defense that hadn’t allowed a 100 yard rusher since 2017. I’m not saying Hurts is better than Wentz, but with this current train wreck of a roster Jalen Hurts gives the Eagles the best opportunity to win the rest of the season.

2. The Eagles defense is legit

Despite several injuries throughout the game that sent undrafted free agents into the secondary, the Eagles defense never really wavered. The defensive line is finally coming together, Javon Hargrave has finally started to show up racking up 2 sacks and a huge fumble recovery in yesterdays game. They were able to limit Alvin Kamara to only 50 yards and the Saints to 96 total rushing yards. The secondary deserves credit with having to insert players such as Kevon Seymour, who was playing in his first Eagles game and first NFL game since 2017 after key injuries to Darius Slay and Rodney Mcleod. Most importantly however, the Eagles FINALLY got an interception. Duke Riley got the first INT for the Eagles since October and it was beautiful.

3. The Eagles need to explore alternative kicking options

Jake Elliot has been a disaster kicking the football this season. In a day that saw kickers across the NFL miss a multitude of kicks, RIP Dan Bailey. Jake Elliot had perhaps the worst miss yesterday. 22 FUCKING YARDS, you gotta be kidding me. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of high school and college kickers who could make that kick. Elliot’s miss totally changed the momentum of the game as the Saints scored the next 14 points. That kick aside Jake Elliot is making 72.2% of his kicks, that’s fucking atrocious. Being a kicker is the hardest position in the NFL, one mistake and your immediately criticized, but Elliot has made multiple mistakes this season and if he doesn’t fix himself he needs to go.

A win is a win, I’m happy and if you are an Eagles fan than you should be too. It wasn’t the prettiest game and it came with some scares, but this team and coaching staff deserves credit for the shit roster Howie Roseman has assembled. I’m going to leave you with one thing. GOOOOOOOOO BIRDSSSSSSS.

Why Andrew Cuomo Should Not Be the Attorney General

My worst nightmare is coming true, Governor Andrew Cuomo is now being considered by Joe Biden to be America’s next attorney general. Andrew Cuomo is one of the worst governors in the United States, he is the least qualified candidate for this job and he should NOT be attorney general and here is why.

For starters he sent thousands of people to their deaths during this pandemic. Here’s a interesting question who has killed more people the Unabomber or Governor Cuomo? Correct Governor Cuomo, I don’t remember the Unabomber sending Covid patients to nursing homes condemning thousands to die. He even had the balls to deny it, what a coward. Is this who you want as your next attorney general? It’s funny for someone who is against the death penalty he doesn’t seem to mind sending people to their deaths.

Secondly, he has totally mismanaged New York. New York is facing billions of dollars worth of deficits in its budget, yet he has no problem giving himself a raise. New York state is collapsing hundreds of small businesses have closed as a result of his mismanagement. His shutdowns have no logic, he is a power hungry narcissist. Despite claiming to be a catholic, he for some reason seems to hate religion. Cuomo is all about power, he doesn’t care about the average person he only cares about himself.

Cuomo is completely partisan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden is appointing Cuomo entirely as a favor for being such a loyal Democrat. Cuomo is so anti-Trump its disgusting, he actively spoke out against the legitimacy of the vaccine just because Trump supported it. Also if you are pro-life I guess you are not allowed to enter New York State according to Cuomo. There is no question Cuomo would just use his position as attorney general to push his own distorted beliefs.

I just want Cuomo and his little Muppet brother to please just fuck off already. They run the media, Cuomo is a terrible governor yet the media thinks he is the next coming of Jesus Christ. I would LOVE someone to convince me that Cuomo is actually a good governor. Why Biden would make Cuomo attorney general I have no idea. Tulsi Gabbard should be the next attorney general, actually scratch Vice President she is a goddess.

Why Kentucky Won’t Win the National Championship This Year

John Calipari has quite the dilemma on his hands. Every year he has a top 5 recruiting class and each year he seems to send countless prospects to the NBA. This year is no different with the number 1 recruiting class in the country. Naturally they will contend for the national championship this year right? Wrong and here is why.

In college basketball you need a mixture of natural talent and experience in order to win. Kentucky has the talent but lacks experience and that was made evident against Kansas. Run and gun AAU basketball is how I would describe Kentucky’s offense against Kansas, there was very little passing and ball movement and too much iso play and jacking up 3-pointers. Which by the way they cannot make as they shot 3-21 from 3. This style of play is due to their lack of experience. The only player on Kentucky’s roster with real experience is PG Davion Mintz and he doesn’t even start, even though he is much better than current PG Devin Askew. Devin Askew got abused by Kansas, he looked like a JV player trying to play varsity. He’s not ready for the big time yet. Kentucky looked much better with Davion Mintz handling the ball. But Kansas is a top 10 team there’s no need to be worried right? Wrong. Kentucky got their ass kicked by Richmond. A team with far less talent than Kentucky, but has the experience to know how to play college basketball. Again in that game Kentucky shot 0-10 from 3. In both games Kentucky lacked the grit and discipline needed to win college basketball games. The only player who showed any grit was Isaiah Jackson who had 8 blocks! He was the only Kentucky player to show any physical prowess. Kansas could not drive to the hoop when he was in the game, kid’s a stud.

Take the 2014-15 Wildcats for example, the last Kentucky team to make the final four. That team had probably the most talented roster in college basketball. With future all stars Karl Anthony Towns and Devin Booker, both were freshman on that team. In addition though they had upperclassman Willie Cauley Stein and sophomore guards the Harrison brothers. While a very good they lost to Wisconsin a team with much more experience and it can be argued that they would have benefited from more experience.

Kentucky’s roster is totally gutted from last year. They are not returning a single player who scored for them from last season as they all either graduated or went to the NBA. I understand if Calipari want to play freshman now so they gain experience to be good when they are juniors or seniors, but most of these players probably be there next season next season, as the majority of their recruiting class will probably go pro. Calipari need to change his recruiting strategy if he wants to win championships. He needs more players like Davion Mintz who bring that experience and grit needed to win in college basketball. The transfer portal now makes it much easier to find grad transfers, and Kentucky needs experience if they want to compete in the future.

By the way Isaiah Jackson is a top 10 pick in this years draft. Guaranteeing it now, he’s a beast.

3 Takeaways From Eagles-Seahawks

Another week, another Eagle’s loss. Carson Wentz and the Eagles seem to get worse with each passing week. Never have I ever seen a team so disjointed and awkward. The Eagles are BAD, but in fairness they were somewhat competitive against a good Seahawks team. Here are my 3 takeaways from the game.

  1. It’s not all Carson Wentz’s fault

The general public and media all seem to think Carson is to blame for the bad play. While he has not played well he is not totally to blame. For one the offensive line is dreadful. Wentz was sacked 6 times, none of them were because of him holding the ball for too long. Wentz is the most sacked QB in the NFL, that kind of pressure definitely effects his ability to feel confident in his throws. Because they have a shitty offensive line they can’t run the ball further putting the pressure on Wentz’s abilities.

Secondly the WRs are not good. Why is Alshon Jeffrey playing? Travis Fulgham was one of the best young WRs early on in the season and he was targeted 2 times Monday. Why is he not playing? All night Eagles WRs failed to gain any sort of separation from Seahawks CBs. How is Carson supposed to make plays if his WRs aren’t open? Jalen Reagor was drafted in the 1st round to be an outside playmaker yet he hasn’t been that. He had a grand total of 3 catches for 11 yards. Wow! Buttttttttt Wentz does deserve criticism especially after throws like this.

2. The play calling is atrocious

Doug Pederson should not be calling the plays. The route combinations the receivers run does not create open space or challenge opposing team CBs. It makes a bad offense so much more inefficient when you can’t call good plays. Why does Doug Pederson even bother with playing Jalen Hurts? The put him in for the sole purpose of running a read option. By now opposing defenses know this and they stack the box and like we saw yesterday the Eagles failed to gain any yards using it. Miles Sanders is the Eagles best playmaker and he had a total of 6 carries. WTF you can’t throw the ball well so what does Doug Pederson decide to do? Continue to throw the ball and not give your best offensive weapon any touches.

The Eagles need an actual offensive coordinator to run the offense. Guess what the Eagles actually had an offensive coordinator Frank Reich when they won the Super Bowl and it worked! I don’t know why Doug Pederson thinks he is a play calling God when the Eagles offense has looked like shit the past 2 years. But something needs to change.

3. The defense stepped up

The Eagles D really really stepped up yesterday. The game at several moments could easily have turned into a blowout but the defense was always able to get a stop when needed. They shut down every receiver not named DK Metcalf and the Seahawks could not run the ball. The defense has definitely improved since early in the season which is nice to see. But one thing I cannot get over is how the Eagles left Darius Slay to cover DK Metcalf with no help. I understand Slay is supposed to be the Eagles lockdown corner but Metcalf torched him several times and there was no safety help. I don’t know if its Jim Schwartz just not respecting DK but it was a mistake. But overall I am still pleased with how the defense played overall.

The Eagles are not winning the NFC East this year. The Redskins have a much better defense and Alex Smith is a proven winner. Maybe that’s a good thing though. The Eagles are a dysfunctional team. They haven’t drafted a decent skill position player in years and as a fanbase we are still holding onto the Super Bowl win from 3 years ago. Howie Roseman needs to go. That was made abundantly clear yesterday when the DK Metcalf the guy the Eagles passed up on 3 times had almost as many catches and yards as JJ Arceaga Whiteside does in his whole career. Change needs to happen, hopefully more loses like this will make that clear.

Why Is the Left Lying to Themselves About Portland?

For over 60 days Portland has descended into chaos and violence. Every night Antifa launches attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland in an effort to burn it down. Any other year this would be considered violence and law enforcement intervention would be encouraged, or perhaps this would be considered even terrorism. But because this is the 2020 now this kind of terrorism is considered “peaceful”. But what the left doesn’t realize is that this and incidents like this will help Trump win in 2020.

A peaceful bomb
So peaceful
These are the kind of people in Portland right now

There are countless examples of violence from these “protests”, how can anyone seriously consider this peaceful? This isn’t even a protest, unless we consider destroying federal property a protest. This is no longer about Black Lives Matter or George Floyd. It’s about anarchy and Marxism or whatever the fuck these people care about. The sad thing is that events like this actually undermines the peaceful protests going on across the country as all the news has been talking about for the past week is Portland.

Nothing speaks BLM by burning down a courthouse
There are starving kids in Africa

Why are Democratic leaders actively encouraging this kind of behavior? The Mayor of Portland is actively encouraging this kind of behavior. He even has the balls to turn it into a PR stunt and he actually participated in a riot with these psychos. Representative Jerry Nadler also supports these weirdos. Trying to put the blame on federal law enforcement officers for starting the violence. Probably worst of all Nancy Pelosi compared federal law enforcement officers who are doing their job to Nazis. Democrat Party leaders should not be encouraging terrorism.

It is a safe assumption that about 10% of any population is extreme. So why is the Democratic Party catering to the extremists? This is how the Democrats lose the moderate vote come November. Moderates don’t want weirdos to burn down their towns and cities, they just want peace.

What a clown
This is Democrat leadership

I hate Elon Musk, I think he is a fraud but I do agree with this statement. November seems so far away but it will be interesting to see what happens when it gets here, if we even make it that far.

Some actual words of wisdom from Elon Musk

The Left and the Mainstream Media Are Lying About the Portland Protests

For 50 days the City of Portland has descended into chaos as Antifa members have clashed with both federal and local law enforcement. Now there is outrage because federal law enforcement officers are supposedly acting as “secret police”. This is total bullshit. These have not been peaceful protests contrary to what the mainstream media and Democratic politicians want you to believe.

For starters Portland has been a war zone for 50 days. The mainstream media has ignored this for much of the 50 days. These are some of the things that law enforcement officers are having to deal with.

“Peaceful” protesters threatening to kill kids that’s totally normal
Nothing like destroying a statue of the founder of our country
Typical Antifa cowards
Fat whale

Law enforcement officers have been battling this for weeks and yet no one is supporting them. Antifa members are armed and dangerous. Their goal is to injure police officers. Whether it be with lasers, rocks or fireworks these aren’t peaceful people. Just take a look at some of the weapons these animals are carrying.

All peaceful protesters need a sword
“Peaceful” people casually using lasers to blind police
“Peaceful” protester fighting fascists

Federal law enforcement unfortunately to the Democrats is not acting as a “secret police”. Law enforcement arrests people, and when they arrest people they detain and question them. They are in unmarked vans probably because they don’t want their cars to get destroyed like other cop cars have been the past two months. This isn’t 1984, or China. People aren’t getting disappeared or sent to re-education camps. The left doesn’t seem to have any idea of what law enforcement does.

We have established that these aren’t peaceful protests. But now these Democratic politicians are trying to use these riots as a way to create propaganda against Trump. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Portland’s disgrace of a leader Mayor Ted Wheeler are all trying to deflect the chaos and blame Trump. The Democratic Party is embracing anarchy in order to try and get Trump out of power. Ted Wheeler has taken zero accountability for the chaos in his city. In fact he has the balls to blame federal law enforcement officers for the riots. Disgusting.

This is everything a leader shouldn’t be
Bernie is so against Trump he is trying to change the narrative of these riots

If this is the Democrat’s idea of peaceful protests that is incredibly sad. Riots like these undermine the initial purpose of the protests in the first place. It is no longer about Black Lives Matter, now its all about anarchy and Marxism. Its disgusting and if Democratic leadership continues to allow anarchy and chaos I know I will be voting Republican this November.

Idiot Mayor

Shaun King Needs to Be Cancelled

On this blog I am vehemently against the notion of cancel culture. I can’t stand it and it needs to stop in our society. If you want proof I have written about it here, here and here. But there is one person in this world who 100% needs to be cancelled and that is Shaun King.

If you have not heard of Shaun King let me inform you. For starters Shaun King is a white man, but he is not any ordinary white man. He is a white man who is pretending to be black. The man on Shaun’s birth certificate is white. But Shaun claims his mom had an affair with a light skin man and as a result Shaun is now “black”. He is no different than that crazy white lady who claimed to be black in 2015. Shaun has somehow used this delusion to become a vocal leader of the Black Lives Matter movement. He has over a million followers on twitter and he has contributed to the Young Turks and New York Daily News. The problem with Shaun King is that he has hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement and made it all about himself.

As I mentioned above Shaun King is not Black. Because he is not Black he should not by a vocal leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. Here is why because Shaun is white he has now taken his privileged and distorted the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is the same principle as the white people who decided to loot and destroy things during the initial protests in May. We take something that we don’t truly understand and make it all about ourselves. Even though Shaun claims to be a supporter of Black Lives Matter black people actively hate him. See these tweets down below.

I cannot believe 1 million people actively made the decision to follow Shaun King on twitter. He actively steals content as shown below and he supports destroying statues of Jesus. Like who the fuck does this guy think he is. Perhaps worse of all he has a history of attacking African American women on twitter and calling them racist. He regularly uses his platform to shame and hate anyone who speaks out against him. He is a narcissistic bully that needs to be cancelled now! I believe in people learning from their mistakes and second chances. The only way Shaun King can redeem himself is to delete twitter and leave the public life forever.

Confirmed Shaun King hates Jesus

Addison Rae is Getting Cancelled for Being “Racist”

Probably one of the most unlikely targets for cancel culture, TikTok superstar Addison Rae is getting cancelled for apparently being racist when she was younger. This is perhaps the most bizarre case of cancel culture in action that I’ve seen. So is Addison “racist” no, not really.

Addison has 2 things going against her. Number 1, she is a TikTok star. She has the highest number of followers on the platform with over 46 million. The problem being that TikTok is an insufferable platform that should be shutdown forever. I am not the only one who shares that sentiment, TikTok which is run by a Chinese company will most likely be banned in the United States due to issues with privacy. The second thing is that she is an attractive white female. White females seem to be the easiest targets of cancel culture just see JK Rowling and Lana Del Rey.

Addison has supposedly said 2 “racist” things one being a tweet that was a video supporting the statement the All Lives Matter. The other being a video which leaked in which she tries to get her friend to say the n-word. The one video she tweeted is crazy because she posted this video 4 years ago when she was 15. The other video was pretty bad, not gonna lie but from the sounds of it she was probably joking. So we are now at a point where we are punishing kids for mistakes they made as a kid. I guess everyone that has been shaming her on Twitter is perfect and have never done anything wrong in their life. I don’t think Addison Rae is racist, she was young and she did something stupid there is no denying that. There should just be some sort of statue of limitations on cancelling someone. I don’t think Addison is racist, she is still only 19 and she made some mistakes. But if people can forgive Desean Jackson than I’m sure we can forgive Addison.

Hamilton is the Next Target of Cancel Culture

Disclaimer I have not seen Hamilton.

Cancel culture strikes again. The hit Broadway show Hamilton has recently been on the receiving end of criticism relating to its portrayal of the founding fathers. Some people really do need to get a life. I guarantee all of the people who are criticizing Hamilton probably were the ones who loved it when it was first released.

These are just some of the people who are criticizing Hamilton. The main argument that I have seen these cancel culture people say is that Hamilton is not historically accurate. I mean no shit, the founding fathers weren’t black. Also Hamilton covers over 20 years of history, of course some liberties would need to be taken in order to make sure it’s entertaining. Finally please name me a Hollywood movie or play that is 100 percent historically accurate. I’ll wait.

CNN published an opinion piece by journalist Ed Morales. It is a bizarre piece which I do understand but I do not agree with. In this opinion piece he is critical of Hamilton because it’s views are contrasting with that of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is almost as if Morales wishes Hamilton could have foreseen this racial unrest and change its initial message. Hamilton is a statement within itself, no matter its plot. It took a very diverse cast portraying white historical figures and became a Broadway sensation. Probably inspiring and leading the way for future minority creators.

Again I have not seen Hamilton. That being said I do know one thing and that is Hollywood and show business as a whole is bias against people of color. Lin Manuel Miranda wrote a marvelous musical with a predominantly minority cast. That should be celebrated and admired. We need more original and diverse content in this world not less. Support minority content creators or there won’t be any.

Why Jemele Hill Should Be Cancelled

I’m gonna start this blog off by saying that I do not know much about Jemele Hill. All I know is that she worked for ESPN and she is currently trying to cancel Barstool Sports. When I logged onto twitter this morning I saw the #cancelljemele trending and upon a investigation I found that she had said something “transphobic” 11 years ago. So naturally she should be cancelled right?

Cancel culture is the absolute worse. I don’t think people should be cancelled for things that they said 5-10 years ago. But cancel culture is also very hypocritical. Jemele Hill got exposed because she was trying to cancel Barstool Sports for something they said about Kaepernick 4 years ago. But cancel culture doesn’t take into account context or satire which means that Jemele Hill now needs to be cancelled. Either everyone who ever said something offensive should be cancelled or no one should be. Let’s not be hypocrites please . What Dave Portnoy said was stupid and if I was African American I would probably take offense to it. But what Jemele Hill also said was also offensive to transgender people. So who should be cancelled? If I had it my way no one would be. People adapt and learn from things that they said, lets not osctracize or “cancel” anyone who said something stupid because as this incident proves everyone has said something stupid at one point or another.