Why Is the Left Lying to Themselves About Portland?

For over 60 days Portland has descended into chaos and violence. Every night Antifa launches attacks on the Federal Courthouse in Portland in an effort to burn it down. Any other year this would be considered violence and law enforcement intervention would be encouraged, or perhaps this would be considered even terrorism. But because this is the 2020 now this kind of terrorism is considered “peaceful”. But what the left doesn’t realize is that this and incidents like this will help Trump win in 2020.

A peaceful bomb
So peaceful
These are the kind of people in Portland right now

There are countless examples of violence from these “protests”, how can anyone seriously consider this peaceful? This isn’t even a protest, unless we consider destroying federal property a protest. This is no longer about Black Lives Matter or George Floyd. It’s about anarchy and Marxism or whatever the fuck these people care about. The sad thing is that events like this actually undermines the peaceful protests going on across the country as all the news has been talking about for the past week is Portland.

Nothing speaks BLM by burning down a courthouse
There are starving kids in Africa

Why are Democratic leaders actively encouraging this kind of behavior? The Mayor of Portland is actively encouraging this kind of behavior. He even has the balls to turn it into a PR stunt and he actually participated in a riot with these psychos. Representative Jerry Nadler also supports these weirdos. Trying to put the blame on federal law enforcement officers for starting the violence. Probably worst of all Nancy Pelosi compared federal law enforcement officers who are doing their job to Nazis. Democrat Party leaders should not be encouraging terrorism.

It is a safe assumption that about 10% of any population is extreme. So why is the Democratic Party catering to the extremists? This is how the Democrats lose the moderate vote come November. Moderates don’t want weirdos to burn down their towns and cities, they just want peace.

What a clown
This is Democrat leadership

I hate Elon Musk, I think he is a fraud but I do agree with this statement. November seems so far away but it will be interesting to see what happens when it gets here, if we even make it that far.

Some actual words of wisdom from Elon Musk

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