3 Takeaways From Eagles-Seahawks

Another week, another Eagle’s loss. Carson Wentz and the Eagles seem to get worse with each passing week. Never have I ever seen a team so disjointed and awkward. The Eagles are BAD, but in fairness they were somewhat competitive against a good Seahawks team. Here are my 3 takeaways from the game.

  1. It’s not all Carson Wentz’s fault

The general public and media all seem to think Carson is to blame for the bad play. While he has not played well he is not totally to blame. For one the offensive line is dreadful. Wentz was sacked 6 times, none of them were because of him holding the ball for too long. Wentz is the most sacked QB in the NFL, that kind of pressure definitely effects his ability to feel confident in his throws. Because they have a shitty offensive line they can’t run the ball further putting the pressure on Wentz’s abilities.

Secondly the WRs are not good. Why is Alshon Jeffrey playing? Travis Fulgham was one of the best young WRs early on in the season and he was targeted 2 times Monday. Why is he not playing? All night Eagles WRs failed to gain any sort of separation from Seahawks CBs. How is Carson supposed to make plays if his WRs aren’t open? Jalen Reagor was drafted in the 1st round to be an outside playmaker yet he hasn’t been that. He had a grand total of 3 catches for 11 yards. Wow! Buttttttttt Wentz does deserve criticism especially after throws like this.

2. The play calling is atrocious

Doug Pederson should not be calling the plays. The route combinations the receivers run does not create open space or challenge opposing team CBs. It makes a bad offense so much more inefficient when you can’t call good plays. Why does Doug Pederson even bother with playing Jalen Hurts? The put him in for the sole purpose of running a read option. By now opposing defenses know this and they stack the box and like we saw yesterday the Eagles failed to gain any yards using it. Miles Sanders is the Eagles best playmaker and he had a total of 6 carries. WTF you can’t throw the ball well so what does Doug Pederson decide to do? Continue to throw the ball and not give your best offensive weapon any touches.

The Eagles need an actual offensive coordinator to run the offense. Guess what the Eagles actually had an offensive coordinator Frank Reich when they won the Super Bowl and it worked! I don’t know why Doug Pederson thinks he is a play calling God when the Eagles offense has looked like shit the past 2 years. But something needs to change.

3. The defense stepped up

The Eagles D really really stepped up yesterday. The game at several moments could easily have turned into a blowout but the defense was always able to get a stop when needed. They shut down every receiver not named DK Metcalf and the Seahawks could not run the ball. The defense has definitely improved since early in the season which is nice to see. But one thing I cannot get over is how the Eagles left Darius Slay to cover DK Metcalf with no help. I understand Slay is supposed to be the Eagles lockdown corner but Metcalf torched him several times and there was no safety help. I don’t know if its Jim Schwartz just not respecting DK but it was a mistake. But overall I am still pleased with how the defense played overall.

The Eagles are not winning the NFC East this year. The Redskins have a much better defense and Alex Smith is a proven winner. Maybe that’s a good thing though. The Eagles are a dysfunctional team. They haven’t drafted a decent skill position player in years and as a fanbase we are still holding onto the Super Bowl win from 3 years ago. Howie Roseman needs to go. That was made abundantly clear yesterday when the DK Metcalf the guy the Eagles passed up on 3 times had almost as many catches and yards as JJ Arceaga Whiteside does in his whole career. Change needs to happen, hopefully more loses like this will make that clear.

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