The Left and the Mainstream Media Are Lying About the Portland Protests

For 50 days the City of Portland has descended into chaos as Antifa members have clashed with both federal and local law enforcement. Now there is outrage because federal law enforcement officers are supposedly acting as “secret police”. This is total bullshit. These have not been peaceful protests contrary to what the mainstream media and Democratic politicians want you to believe.

For starters Portland has been a war zone for 50 days. The mainstream media has ignored this for much of the 50 days. These are some of the things that law enforcement officers are having to deal with.

“Peaceful” protesters threatening to kill kids that’s totally normal
Nothing like destroying a statue of the founder of our country
Typical Antifa cowards
Fat whale

Law enforcement officers have been battling this for weeks and yet no one is supporting them. Antifa members are armed and dangerous. Their goal is to injure police officers. Whether it be with lasers, rocks or fireworks these aren’t peaceful people. Just take a look at some of the weapons these animals are carrying.

All peaceful protesters need a sword
“Peaceful” people casually using lasers to blind police
“Peaceful” protester fighting fascists

Federal law enforcement unfortunately to the Democrats is not acting as a “secret police”. Law enforcement arrests people, and when they arrest people they detain and question them. They are in unmarked vans probably because they don’t want their cars to get destroyed like other cop cars have been the past two months. This isn’t 1984, or China. People aren’t getting disappeared or sent to re-education camps. The left doesn’t seem to have any idea of what law enforcement does.

We have established that these aren’t peaceful protests. But now these Democratic politicians are trying to use these riots as a way to create propaganda against Trump. Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders and Portland’s disgrace of a leader Mayor Ted Wheeler are all trying to deflect the chaos and blame Trump. The Democratic Party is embracing anarchy in order to try and get Trump out of power. Ted Wheeler has taken zero accountability for the chaos in his city. In fact he has the balls to blame federal law enforcement officers for the riots. Disgusting.

This is everything a leader shouldn’t be
Bernie is so against Trump he is trying to change the narrative of these riots

If this is the Democrat’s idea of peaceful protests that is incredibly sad. Riots like these undermine the initial purpose of the protests in the first place. It is no longer about Black Lives Matter, now its all about anarchy and Marxism. Its disgusting and if Democratic leadership continues to allow anarchy and chaos I know I will be voting Republican this November.

Idiot Mayor

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