Shaun King Needs to Be Cancelled

On this blog I am vehemently against the notion of cancel culture. I can’t stand it and it needs to stop in our society. If you want proof I have written about it here, here and here. But there is one person in this world who 100% needs to be cancelled and that is Shaun King.

If you have not heard of Shaun King let me inform you. For starters Shaun King is a white man, but he is not any ordinary white man. He is a white man who is pretending to be black. The man on Shaun’s birth certificate is white. But Shaun claims his mom had an affair with a light skin man and as a result Shaun is now “black”. He is no different than that crazy white lady who claimed to be black in 2015. Shaun has somehow used this delusion to become a vocal leader of the Black Lives Matter movement. He has over a million followers on twitter and he has contributed to the Young Turks and New York Daily News. The problem with Shaun King is that he has hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement and made it all about himself.

As I mentioned above Shaun King is not Black. Because he is not Black he should not by a vocal leader in the Black Lives Matter movement. Here is why because Shaun is white he has now taken his privileged and distorted the message of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is the same principle as the white people who decided to loot and destroy things during the initial protests in May. We take something that we don’t truly understand and make it all about ourselves. Even though Shaun claims to be a supporter of Black Lives Matter black people actively hate him. See these tweets down below.

I cannot believe 1 million people actively made the decision to follow Shaun King on twitter. He actively steals content as shown below and he supports destroying statues of Jesus. Like who the fuck does this guy think he is. Perhaps worse of all he has a history of attacking African American women on twitter and calling them racist. He regularly uses his platform to shame and hate anyone who speaks out against him. He is a narcissistic bully that needs to be cancelled now! I believe in people learning from their mistakes and second chances. The only way Shaun King can redeem himself is to delete twitter and leave the public life forever.

Confirmed Shaun King hates Jesus

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