Hamilton is the Next Target of Cancel Culture

Disclaimer I have not seen Hamilton.

Cancel culture strikes again. The hit Broadway show Hamilton has recently been on the receiving end of criticism relating to its portrayal of the founding fathers. Some people really do need to get a life. I guarantee all of the people who are criticizing Hamilton probably were the ones who loved it when it was first released.

These are just some of the people who are criticizing Hamilton. The main argument that I have seen these cancel culture people say is that Hamilton is not historically accurate. I mean no shit, the founding fathers weren’t black. Also Hamilton covers over 20 years of history, of course some liberties would need to be taken in order to make sure it’s entertaining. Finally please name me a Hollywood movie or play that is 100 percent historically accurate. I’ll wait.

CNN published an opinion piece by journalist Ed Morales. It is a bizarre piece which I do understand but I do not agree with. In this opinion piece he is critical of Hamilton because it’s views are contrasting with that of the Black Lives Matter movement. It is almost as if Morales wishes Hamilton could have foreseen this racial unrest and change its initial message. Hamilton is a statement within itself, no matter its plot. It took a very diverse cast portraying white historical figures and became a Broadway sensation. Probably inspiring and leading the way for future minority creators.

Again I have not seen Hamilton. That being said I do know one thing and that is Hollywood and show business as a whole is bias against people of color. Lin Manuel Miranda wrote a marvelous musical with a predominantly minority cast. That should be celebrated and admired. We need more original and diverse content in this world not less. Support minority content creators or there won’t be any.

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