Why Jemele Hill Should Be Cancelled

I’m gonna start this blog off by saying that I do not know much about Jemele Hill. All I know is that she worked for ESPN and she is currently trying to cancel Barstool Sports. When I logged onto twitter this morning I saw the #cancelljemele trending and upon a investigation I found that she had said something “transphobic” 11 years ago. So naturally she should be cancelled right?

Cancel culture is the absolute worse. I don’t think people should be cancelled for things that they said 5-10 years ago. But cancel culture is also very hypocritical. Jemele Hill got exposed because she was trying to cancel Barstool Sports for something they said about Kaepernick 4 years ago. But cancel culture doesn’t take into account context or satire which means that Jemele Hill now needs to be cancelled. Either everyone who ever said something offensive should be cancelled or no one should be. Let’s not be hypocrites please . What Dave Portnoy said was stupid and if I was African American I would probably take offense to it. But what Jemele Hill also said was also offensive to transgender people. So who should be cancelled? If I had it my way no one would be. People adapt and learn from things that they said, lets not osctracize or “cancel” anyone who said something stupid because as this incident proves everyone has said something stupid at one point or another.

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