Why Andrew Cuomo Should Not Be the Attorney General

My worst nightmare is coming true, Governor Andrew Cuomo is now being considered by Joe Biden to be America’s next attorney general. Andrew Cuomo is one of the worst governors in the United States, he is the least qualified candidate for this job and he should NOT be attorney general and here is why.

For starters he sent thousands of people to their deaths during this pandemic. Here’s a interesting question who has killed more people the Unabomber or Governor Cuomo? Correct Governor Cuomo, I don’t remember the Unabomber sending Covid patients to nursing homes condemning thousands to die. He even had the balls to deny it, what a coward. Is this who you want as your next attorney general? It’s funny for someone who is against the death penalty he doesn’t seem to mind sending people to their deaths.

Secondly, he has totally mismanaged New York. New York is facing billions of dollars worth of deficits in its budget, yet he has no problem giving himself a raise. New York state is collapsing hundreds of small businesses have closed as a result of his mismanagement. His shutdowns have no logic, he is a power hungry narcissist. Despite claiming to be a catholic, he for some reason seems to hate religion. Cuomo is all about power, he doesn’t care about the average person he only cares about himself.

Cuomo is completely partisan. It wouldn’t surprise me if Biden is appointing Cuomo entirely as a favor for being such a loyal Democrat. Cuomo is so anti-Trump its disgusting, he actively spoke out against the legitimacy of the vaccine just because Trump supported it. Also if you are pro-life I guess you are not allowed to enter New York State according to Cuomo. There is no question Cuomo would just use his position as attorney general to push his own distorted beliefs.

I just want Cuomo and his little Muppet brother to please just fuck off already. They run the media, Cuomo is a terrible governor yet the media thinks he is the next coming of Jesus Christ. I would LOVE someone to convince me that Cuomo is actually a good governor. Why Biden would make Cuomo attorney general I have no idea. Tulsi Gabbard should be the next attorney general, actually scratch Vice President she is a goddess.

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