Scalpers Really Are the Scum of the Earth

The holiday season has been upon us for a few weeks now. Parents are rushing to get their children the gifts they desire in order to bring them happiness. However, because of the pandemic it has been difficult for stores to keep in popular items in stock. The hot item this year is the Playstation 5. But scalpers have made it incredibly difficult and expensive for people to get their hands on a PS5. In fact there are more PS5s in the hands of scalpers than actual consumers. Scalping is not a new issue, however because of the pandemic the issue of scalping is becoming exacerbated.

Dwight Schrute OG scalper

Listen, I have no problem with reselling items to make a profit. That is a part of our capitalist society. However I do have a problem with the blatant price gouging that is happening with items such as the PS5. When the pandemic began there was an initial issue with PPE and other medical supplies as fucking lowlifes like this who bought out supply of hand sanitizer zswand tried to charge upwards of 700% markup. While this is not technically scalping it still shows a blatant disregard of other humans and an incredible amount of greed. These people are such scum that they really tried to exploit a pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. It is such a sad existence to have your life dominated by greed like that.

If I was one of these people who literally have thousands of PS5s and who is ruining perhaps thousands of families Christmases, I would really revaluate my life decisions. Greed is not good, greed is in fact bad. Please Don’t support these losers and buy from them. They are only enabled because people purchase the crap that they sell. Don’t worry this blog was in no way written because I am salty that I cannot buy a PS5 :).

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