Why the Impeachment of Trump is a Waste of Time

I do not understand the Democrats current mindset. 2020 has been a roaring success for them, they took control of Congress, they have the presidency and the Republican Party is in shambles. Trump is no longer in a position of power, yet they still want to waste time, money and resources on an impeachment to make him look stupid. I am no Trump supporter but this impeachment is a total waste of time.

Trump will not run for office ever again, he is 74 years old and in 2024 he will be 78. Despite what he may claim there is no way he will be fit enough to serve in office if he is even alive then. The man had a Diet Coke button in the Oval Office, no matter what he says he definitely is not very healthy. I could see this impeachment going on for years, there is a good chance the Democrats could be impeaching a corpse.

Wasting more government resources

The common argument I have heard for the impeachment is the “precedent” it would set. I understand the point they are making in theory. Trump was responsible for the riots at the capital, but legally it will be hard to prove that. This idea of a “precedent” that is being set is bullshit. When asked why the Democrats would bother impeaching Trump Bernie Sanders said this “Precedent. It must be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the U.S. government.” The “precedent” has never really been enforced before with any politician whether it be Richard Nixon or Hillary Clinton. So now during a pandemic in which millions of people are unemployed or in poverty you want to enforce this “precedent.” It’s a waste of time, pass a COVID relief bill, help small businesses, anything besides this giant waste of time. The whole point of this impeachment is to embarrass Trump even more than he has embarrassed himself during his presidency, maybe the Democrats should focus on the needs of the people instead of this bullshit impeachment.

When has there ever been accountability in the government?

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