Why Kamala Harris’s Memorial Day Tweet Wasn’t Her Fault

Memorial Day is a special holiday which serves to commemorate the sacrifices that the men and women of armed services have made throughout our country’s history. Apparently the staffer that runs Kamala Harris’s twitter does not understand that. Regardless of who actually sent the tweet or whether Kamala Harris actually had anything to do with the tweet, she is getting ragged on regardless.

“Enjoy the long weekend” and a glamour shot of Kamala Harris is all it took to send conservatives into a frenzy. Let me preface this by saying I do not like Kamala Harris, I think she’s fake and that if she had the opportunity she would push Biden down a flight of stairs. But this tweet while very insensitive and tone deaf wasn’t her fault. Kamala Harris is not like Trump. I highly doubt that she monitors or even approves of what her Twitter account sends on a daily basis. This tweet was definitely drafted by some millennial staffer who would normally spend their Memorial Day drinking all day. Conservatives on Twitter need to chill the fuck out it really wasn’t her fault.

This idea that Trump has this unadoring love for the military needs to stop. While I’m sure Trump has some respect for the military, its been proven that he has disrespected the military in the past. So conservatives need to calm down and realize that all politicians are fake and almost all of them don’t give a shit about anything but themselves. When it comes to Memorial Day almost everyone myself included is a hypocrite. 99% of America spends Memorial Day grilling or drinking all day, rather than properly respecting the sacrifices our armed forces have made. I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.

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