Why Senator Joe Manchin is a Scumbag

Yesterday West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Manchin effectively killed Biden’s Build Back Better Bill in an interview on Fox News. He was quoted saying “When you have these things coming at you the way they are right now … I cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation.” Manchin is not supporting this bill to protect his constituents, he is refusing to support it because he has business interests that would be directly impacted by this bill. As a result this would make him a huge scumbag.

The Build Back Better Bill is a broad bill covers issues such as cheaper insulin and increased healthcare for new moms to providing support for America’s fight against climate change. Biden has faced an uphill battle trying to fight for BBB as a result of the Democrats close senate majority and a lack of cooperation by Republicans. Biden would all Senate Democrats to support this bill which makes Manchin’s betrayal all the more devastating.

West Virginia is an incredibly poor state with poor infrastructure. Many of the provisions and social programs in BBB would directly benefit West Virginians. However, Manchin is not voting with his constituents interests in mind. I highly doubt he has even talked to a single one of his constituents about BBB. Because if he had he would realize that West Virginians overwhelmingly support BBB , why wouldn’t they BBB is designed to directly help American families. Unfortunately Senator Manchin does not seem to realize that.

What really makes Senator Manchin a scumbag is that he directly benefits financially from the coal industry. He makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year from investments in coal mines. BBB would address climate change in many ways which would negatively impact the pockets of Manchin and his friends.

Maybe Manchin is really just anti-drug and that’s why he doesn’t support BBB. I mean he does believe parents use child cash credit on drugs. So by denying them critical child care and other support he really just wants to protect them from overdosing on drugs which is a huge problem in West Virginia. So maybe he’s not such a scumbag after all……. Nah he is a pretty despicable person, fuck him

P.S Don’t forget ZERO Republicans supported BBB. That just goes to show that politicians today generally aren’t concerned with proper governance today, it’s all just a partisan battle that in the end no one wins.

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