Why Congress Won’t Do Anything About Gun Control

America is stuck in a tragic cycle. Mass shooting occurs, outrage ensues and people send their thoughts and prayers but in the end nothing changes. The recent school shooting in Ulvade, Texas has renewed talks about gun control. Celebrities, professional sports teams and businesses have called on Congress to act on the issue of gun control. Unfortunately Congress will most likely not act on gun control because of the Republican party.

Republicans are very ignorant on the issue of gun control similarly to how they are ignorant on other issues facing our country right now such as climate change and immigration. In the aftermath of the Ulvade shooting Republicans have said that we need better mental health programs or even arming teachers. Unfortunately, neither will help stop shootings. America is not an outlier on mental health in comparison to other Western countries. European countries are not having the issue of mass shootings that America is. A teacher’s job is to teach not to be a security guard training teachers on weapons is reckless and idiotic.

It’s obvious why Republicans don’t want to act on gun control. It’s because most Republican’s electorate want to have guns. But until the access to military grade weapons is limited mass shootings in America will continue. Republicans need to admit that their is an issue with guns in this country but unfortunately it doesn’t seem they are ready to do that.

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