Andrew Cuomo Belongs in Prison After Hiding COVID Data

Andrew Cuomo has been the pillar of good leadership during this pandemic. Initially where Trump seemed to fail Cuomo didn’t. He appeared as a compassionate public figure who was doing his best during a trying time in this nation’s history. Unfortunately that was all a big ruse. Cuomo does not care about anyone other than himself. If you didn’t think it was bad enough when he put COVID patients into nursing homes, when Trump tried to investigate him they purposely hid the data. They sent about 9,000 COVID patients into nursing homes. 15,000 people died of COVID in nursing homes in New York. Almost double what was initially reported by his administration. How Cuomo is able to sleep at night is beyond me. Clearly this man has no conscious and needs to be removed from office immediately.

I guarantee you Cuomo was trying to leverage his “leadership” from COVID into a presidential run in 2024. Hell, he already used his “leadership” to get a book deal. What is most disgusting about this is that we forget that THOUSANDS of people died as a direct result of his leadership. Who has killed more people Charles Manson or Andrew Cuomo? Let that sink in for a second. Luckily now it appears a presidential run is out of the question in 2024.

I blame CNN for the misconception that Cuomo did a good job during COVID. If Ron DeSantis did this in Florida I guarantee this would be front page news on CNN. Instead they only wrote one shitty article with a misleading headline. The reason for that being Cuomo’s brother Fredo Cuomo is changing the narrative behind the scenes at CNN to ensure his brother does not get any negative coverage. The Cuomo family needs to go away. Hopefully the revelation of Cuomo being a corrupt asshole can accelerate that process.

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