David Hogg Created a Pillow Company Proving 2021 is a Simulation

So David Hogg, the anti-gun activist is creating a pillow company called Good Pillow. No this apparently is not a joke. The idea behind this company is to serve as a competitor to the controversial company My Pillow, while donating a part of their profits to charities and social justice causes. Would this idea really work? I’m skeptical and here’s why.

First off, I owned a My Pillow. Let me tell you know they suck. It was by far the most uncomfortable pillow I have ever owned. I only made it a month before I threw it out. If My Pillow was had the biggest market share in the pillow market it would make sense to try and steal their market share. However, My Pillow is not even in the top 10 of pillow brands. As a result I can’t seem to grasp the idea that there is a huge demand for pillows. I don’t know about you but I have four pillows on my bed and I don’t feel the need for anymore. If Good Pillow was founded purely to get back at My Pillow, in my opinion that is short sighted. My Pillow does not have the dominate market share that David Hogg and his business partner think they do. In Fairness, this company is still in its infancy so it is way too early to judge.

There is one red flag with this company and that is its CEO. Before you think it, no not David Hogg (While I do find him insufferable). The CEO of Good Pillow is William LeGate, at least that’s what I gathered from his twitter handle. This guy creeps me the fuck out. I don’t have a particular reason, he creeps me out similar to how Kamala Harris creeps me out. He just gives me bad vibes. This guy gives me major Billy McFarland/Lucas Magnotta vibes. His moral character is questionable as he actively attacked another Parkland survivor on twitter who criticized his company. This guy just screams used car salesman. I encourage you to check out his twitter. When isn’t trying to sell his pillow, he was trying to push GameStop which is all you need to know about him. But for real, if he still believes that GameStop is as valuable as Tesla I wouldn’t trust his business sense. He has great salami nips though.

This is such an asshole thing to say.
This doesn’t seem fake at all
No one is saying this, literally no one

While I am skeptical I do wish Good Pillow nothing but the best. I hope there company succeeds and are at least more comfortable than My Pillow. I will remain skeptical until they prove me wrong. They do need to work on their twitter game as their account is one of the creepiest around. Get a good night sleep :).

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