Shooting in the Seattle Autonomous Zone Leaves 1 Dead 1 Wounded

Unfortunately it looks like I was right in both part 1 and part 2. It was only a matter of time before someone died in the Seattle autonomous zone. 1 person was shot and 1 person was wounded in the Seattle autonomous zone last night. It really is sad as this could have easily beenContinue reading “Shooting in the Seattle Autonomous Zone Leaves 1 Dead 1 Wounded”

Chaos in the Seattle Autonomous Zone

Click Here for part 1 The CHAZ is no more. The six block area of Seattle’s capital hill neighborhood is now known as CHOP. Which stands for Capital Hill Organized Protest. So it looks they did take my suggestion in part 1 and they changed the name from CHAZ to CHOP. At least like theContinue reading “Chaos in the Seattle Autonomous Zone”

This is the Funniest Donald Trump Tweet Ever

I mean this has to be the funniest thing Trump has ever tweeted right? Not only is this video totally fake but it also fooled a lot of people, with Twitter even finding the need to put a disclaimer on it. Who the hell edited this video, this looks like something that a meme pageContinue reading “This is the Funniest Donald Trump Tweet Ever”

North Korea Is Back At It Again

North Korea can never stay happy. They recently blew up liaison office with South Korea and recently is threatening to move troops to occupy parts of the Demilitarized zone. During a global pandemic they just have to try and start a conflict. I thought they were done with their little tricks and schemes when KimContinue reading “North Korea Is Back At It Again”

Chuba Hubbard is the Biggest Baby Ever

In case you didn’t see it Oklahoma State running back Chuba Hubbard had a tantrum because his coach Mike Gundy wore a One American News Network shirt. Its a fucking shirt, like who cares? It’s not like he was wearing a Confederate flag shirt. Gundy’s shirt did not warrant that kind of reaction from Hubbard.Continue reading “Chuba Hubbard is the Biggest Baby Ever”

The Kim Kardashians Is the Key to Solving America’s Racism Problem

Love her or hate her Kim Kardashian is one of the biggest celebrities in the world. She has gone from making a sex tape to become famous to meeting the President of the United States. Kim Kardashian is the ultimate comeback story. She has come from being memed and made fun of to actually strivingContinue reading “The Kim Kardashians Is the Key to Solving America’s Racism Problem”

Julianne Moore Posted the Cringiest Video on the Internet

Man celebrities can’t catch a break. I think this has to be the worse video on the internet right now, and there are videos of police beating the shit out of protesters. Like how tone deaf do these celebrities have to be. You would think someone their publicist, agent or even their spouse would tellContinue reading “Julianne Moore Posted the Cringiest Video on the Internet”

The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is the New 51st State

What the fuck is going on in Seattle? In case you didn’t see a bunch weirdos have taken 6 city blocks in downtown Seattle and claimed to have seceded from the United States. It’s almost as if these people weren’t around the shit show that was occupy wall street. I mean people were getting rapedContinue reading “The Seattle Capital Hill Autonomous Zone is the New 51st State”

HBO MAX Removes Gone with the Wind. Now No One Can Watch It

Recently HBO made the decision to remove the 1939 classic Gone with the Wind from its streaming service HBO Max. Naturally conservatives began to cry and make the comparison that this country was turning into George Orwell’s novel 1984. As much as conservatives might like to believe that is not the case. While I haveContinue reading “HBO MAX Removes Gone with the Wind. Now No One Can Watch It”

#Protests2020: Is It Really About BLM?

The murder of George Floyd by police has spawned hundreds of protests around the globe. While there is no denying that the American police system needs to be reformed as it is biased against African Americans but these protests also claim to support the Black Lives Matter movement. In this blog I will show howContinue reading “#Protests2020: Is It Really About BLM?”